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  1. Thank you so much for your help! Very reassuring! Finally getting very close to having everything all set! My biggest worry was having issues at the border (since we will have quite a bit in the car with us!)
  2. We are getting married there 2/16/16. We are from NY and have never been to Quebec so planning has been slightly rough for me but it's all coming together. We have 30 guests coming with us from NY and I just want to make sure it's the best time for them! The only snags I'm running into are: transportation from Chateau Laurier, to Hotel de Glace, and then to Frontenac (where the reception is) - I think I need to include down time between ceremony and reception so that people have time to change from lots of layers to less for the reception and then include transportation for that? Originally I was hoping to go right from ceremony to reception and provide cocktail hour. I also am not sure what I can bring with me/get in terms of food and drink ahead of time (for welcome bags & favors), that I can bring over the border? I'm hoping that someone has or is going to be in the same shoes as me?
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