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  1. @@racht33 I emailed back and forth last night and she communicated very well. I follow her on intagram and her wrk is nice. @@phdtck1 Im going to ask the photographer to avoid as many pics of ppl in their bathing suits. Also are you using their photographer or a outside vendor, If so who are you using.
  2. Yes she will be in the wedding( my flower girl) she is flying in with my mom and leaving with my mom which is nice. I'm bringing chair statshes, welcome bags, Chargers, sunglasses, napkins and napkin rings. Debating on linen. It's so much cheaper to order it then rent from them.
  3. @@phdtck1 my color scheme is Black, Gold, white/ivory with a hint of pink(more so the flowers), I never even thought about going to another resort for honeymoon, til I read this forum, kinda wish I had. But we will be at dreams for a week. We come in tues and leave the following tues. we have a daughter so we can stay gone to long:) are you bringing any decorations with you?
  4. Club idea seems super fun, I did here that the resorts can provide shuttles. My group of Friends are a party bunch,I'm sure they will find some where to party lol. I'm going to let the resort do my make-up and I'm not sure about my hair( debating on the resort). Are you nervous? What's your color scheme? When are you guys arriving?
  5. It's suppose to be Friday at 8 also but they was trying to have me do it on the beach but I want it somewhere else. Wedding gazebo, no cocktail(longer reception) reception on the beach unless I can get the deck(so I don't have to pay for a dance floor) you have a big wedding, you all are going to parttttyyy lol. I have a dress but I'm debating on changing it, I keep going back and forth. Who's doing your hair and make-up?
  6. @@phdtck1 No rehearsal:) all white welcome party as well. I think white looks well on everyone and my guest are excited about that. I know we have to meet we are having a small wedding about 25ppl including Us. How many people are you having? Where are you having the ceremony? I'm waiting to get accepted into the groups.
  7. @@phdtck1 You are not going to believe this... She just sent me a new email stating that Claudia will be my new wedding planner . I'm nervous because I don't have anything set. Are you doing a welcome party? I don't think I have ms publisher on my Laptop. Can it be converted?
  8. @@phdtck1 thank you. Can you tell me the Facebook name for the group?
  9. Hey ladies, I hope all is going well:) are there any brides that has Natalia? Have any of you all heard from her?
  10. uMMM... Not the best experience. My wedding is close and me and Elisa had talked about things like a welcome party and Natalia said they couldnt do it because that weekend is booked. and i had a fit, because i have already talked to guest about it. so she says she is working to figure it out. The other thing is i sent her pictures of what i want and she sent me something completley different. She charges for everything. She even charging me a $100 to tie the chair covers. Maybe things will get better idk.
  11. @@smileitseb you think that I should say something? Because it's almost the same price as adventure @@smileitseb Do you mind me asking what package did you all have?
  12. @@racht33 yes some girl natlie is handling my wedding now. She states that Elisa had a family emergency and had to leave, but she is ok
  13. Hey anyone else who had Elisa get assigned a new wedding coordinator? Also I talked to digital cinema and they told me for 8hrs video and photographer the price would be $3000? Does anyone know adventure price?
  14. Is or did anyone have a hard time communicating with their wedding coordinator? Mine is Elisa and I sent a email a week ago and no response. I also sent one to David too?!
  15. Evening ladies, Do any one know where I can get a guest book with black pages? I want to do a Polaroid guest book
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