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  1. After being best friends for 8 years, I was asked to be MOH at a friends wedding. At the time she gave me set instructions to make sure that her husband to be, did not land up at a strip club on his night. I respected her decision and made sure that this was not planned for his bachelors. The bachelors went off and he didn't go near a strip club as per her request. Moving on to two years later, when deciding on who to chose as my MOH, I decided to choose the same best friend to represent me. I informed her at the time that I was not happy on the stripclub idea, she then proceeded to tell me not to worry. I even went as far as telling her that I didn't want certain people attending the bachelors as I was uncomfortable about the idea of a strip club and I knew people would drag him there. To my shock and horror the morning after the bachelors I find out that her and her husband planned the whole event and took him to a strip club. I really didnt expect someone who was my so called friend for so long not to tell me. Especially my MOH. Everything turned nasty after that point. With her husband stepping down as a groomsmen which inevitably ended in me firing her as a bridesmaid. 3 months on and the friendship is on thin ice. Should I try mend what has been broken or should I just let the friendship go? What would you do?
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