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  1. Yes! We leave in 15 days... I can't believe how fast time has flown. I'm sure you're feeling the same way! I'm so thankful for your planning thread - it is so helpful! Which Party City location did you get them from? I've check two different ones and no one seems to know what I'm talking about! I'm starting to panic a little! lol I wish you all the best for your wedding and hope you have an amazing trip! Remember: you are the only one who will notice little things that aren't exactly the way you've planned... don't sweat the small stuff, just be in the moment and enjoy every second!
  2. @@deecol or anyone else who may know the answer, since deecol is probably quite busy these days!... where were the champagne bottle bubbles purchased? I've been looking everywhere but can't seem to find any! Thank you in advance!
  3. We are having our dinner/reception poolside. You pay the cost of whichever menu you'd like and that includes the cost of the poolside rental, chairs, tables, etc. and food, drinks, etc. There really isn't a need to make the area private by paying the privatization fee.
  4. Hi ladies, I'm wondering if anyone can give any advice regarding wedding gifts (cash, specifically) and how you handled it if you received it for your wedding while at the resort. Did you put it in the safe? Were there any issues? Did you have to declare the money when coming back to Canada? If so, what were the consequences of that? Did you have to pay any extra taxes, etc? Also, I'm so nervous about having our wedding bands in the safe for days before the wedding. Has anyone had any issues or heard of anyone else having any issues? I think I'm being paranoid, but just wan
  5. @@deecol - I'm so happy you directed me to your planning thread to check out your centerpieces. I had no idea that these planning blogs even existed, but yours is SO helpful! I've enjoyed reading your story/experiences to date and look forward to reading the remainder until your wedding day!
  6. Revamping the certificate to allow your witnesses to sign as well is a great idea - do you have a copy of the certificate by chance? I'd like to do the same for mine! Just have no idea what it even looks like!
  7. Thank you! That's very helpful! I would love to see the centerpieces you'll be using! I checked your photos, but I don't see anything there.
  8. @emigrayson Thanks for sharing your experience with us! It sounds like you still had a very beautiful wedding despite the weather not cooperating with you! What did you use for your centerpieces, if you don't mind sharing? Also, what did you give for wedding favors for your guests? All of these little things add up and are so difficult to decide!
  9. Happy Monday everyone! Is anyone willing to share their timeline for ceremony/reception? Our ceremony is at 5 p.m. so we're trying to figure out what time dinner should start, how long we will need a DJ, etc. Thanks in advance!
  10. Looking for opinions on using the main Tulum pool as location for dinner and reception. Has anyone had theirs at this pool?
  11. Did any brides from Canada choose to pay for their wedding in pesos? Just wondering because with the current exchange rate, costs are significantly higher. I'm wondering how the resort determines the price in pesos and if it's any cheaper to pay in pesos, or do they just convert the USD price to pesos so it works out being the same?
  12. That's what we are thinking, too. It would be beautiful and allow us to take full advantage of the scenery and location. Does anyone have a list of what each of the "buffet" options for the poolside dinner include? For example, what is American? What does Mixed Grill include" etc.
  13. Thanks @@TATrisha! Personally, do you think it's better and worth it to pay the extra to have the poolside dinner/reception as opposed to the restaurant dinner and then poolside reception? I just don't want to be disappointed by the poolside dinner/reception, as it is a fair bit of money, but we are willing to spend it if it is worth it.
  14. Thanks @@TATrisha. Do you know how picking the menu works if we were to have it in a restaurant? We need to make sure there is a vegetarian option available as well as a meat dish. If we do the dinner inside, will they allow us to arrange it so that there is still a head table for the bridal party? For the brides that didn't privatize the restaurant, I'm assuming they just waited to do speeches/dances until after dinner when they were outdoors for the reception?
  15. Hi everyone! We have just over 3 months to go, and we're looking to finalize our wedding plans soon! I'm not sure about what to do for the dinner/reception, so I'm hoping to get some advice. We have the Unforgettable package, and originally we were thinking of doing the poolside dinner/reception. However, since the CAD - USD exchange rate is so terrible right now, we're debating whether or not to change the plans since it would be so much more expensive now. I remember when we were there 2 years ago, there were a couple of restaurants that had outdoor seating portions to them (in a
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