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  1. Hi Kim A while back you were kind enough to email me across the breakdown costs of your wedding so I could use them in planning my daughters wedding next year. I went to have a look at your email again today and cannot find it, I must of deleted it by mistake. Sorry to ask again but could you please send me it again. My email address is davidbrand79@hotmail.co.uk. Thanks Dave
  2. @@calgarybride2015 I noticed earlier on in the thread you sent someone a breakdown of all the things you had to book for your wedding and the price. Could I be cheeky and ask for a copy if you still have it please. We are trying to plan our daughters wedding for next May. Could you send it to davidbrand79@hotmail.co.uk please. Thanks
  3. Hi My daughters wedding has been booked for GSRM for next year. We have got the free package and are going to upgrade to the Palapa for the reception. We are just a bit confused over the prices does the price of the hire for the palapa include table and chairs or do you have to pay for the hire of these as well? Thanks
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