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  1. So cute!!!!! We are not doing welcome bags because it will be too expensive considering the number of people traveling. INstead we will create passport booklets that can also serve as a souvenir for them. We are using the white linens that the hotel is providing. I wanted chargers so badly, however, we are having a buffet, so didn't think we needed them particularly. I agree..it is way better to order than rent them from the resort!! They are ridiculous with the prices! Are you nervous about the sea of people in swimsuits messing up your pics or wedding ceremony vibe? I was worried for a w
  2. I feel you! Will she be in the ceremony with you? Your colors sound really nice!!! I am bringing my own maracas,napkin rings, chair sashes and gifts for my bridesmaids. I was considering travelling with votives, but not sure if it is worth it. What are you bringing? Are you writing your own vows?
  3. Yeah!! You never know..we may all end up hanging out! ha! I am getting nervous now though. My color scheme is blush, white, magenta, and gold. VIntage glam theme. What about you? We are arriving Thursday and we leave for our honeymoon on Labor Day - we will go to Excellence Resort in Playa Mujeres - is your honeymoon going to be at DRC?
  4. Oh wow! That will be kinda cool if we all bump into one another and dressed for the occasion! We are considering getting a bus to take us to the club in Playa Del Carmen (Coco Maya) around 10pm. Looking at our options now. I am bringing my stylist with me and one of my cousins does hair as well.So there will be 2 stylists on deck. I am getting my make-up done by the resort salon. They say the salon is really good and saw some brides finished look - so I am not worried. What about you - who is your glam squad?
  5. Nice!!! What day is your welcome party? Ours is Friday at 8pm. Yes..people are excited about the theme party too! Do you have your outfit? I am debating on wearing an all white jumpsuit I just found or a red boho dress. We are expecting 85 people (including us). It sucks because we were expecting a little more but some couples recently cancelled and lost some of their money. Our ceremony is at the gazebo, cocktail hour is on the beach and reception is on the deck. How about you? Glad you joined the groups...you will be so relieved once you see what is out there and how helpful everyone i
  6. Ha! That is crazy! Set up a call with Claudia so everything is transitioned to her and you establish a rapport. I am getting closer to finalizing things. I am having a welcome party but want to change the location. It was originally planned for the deck, but now that they let me switch my reception to the deck, I want to change welcome party place - don't want people to get bored. LOL. We are calling our Welcome Party the All White Fiesta. I'm not sure if the document can be converted. Do you have publisher at work? How many people are you expecting? Are you planning a rehearsal dinner?
  7. @@danni Sorry I have not been on this forum for awhile! I've been on FB tracking things every minute...LOL. @@racht33 is correct. I just had my 2nd conference call with Natalia yesterday. She has been responsive this way and has replied to emails. So far I am pleased. Just figuring out my floral designs now. I think you should join the FB forum - it will be helpful to you!
  8. @@danni welcome to the forum! I am getting married on 9/6/15 at DRC! Where are you getting married?! A bunch of us are on this site, on Facebook too (Cancun Brides private forum and Cancun Brides and Riviera Maya Brides private forum). Are you having issues downloading the pictures on this site? At times, I noticed the pics are not completely accessible via the mobile app but are easy to view via my PC... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. @@racht33 contact @@TammyWright who manages this site. She published the cocktail hour details-that is how I found out Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk DRC brides...I'm having a minor panic attack. I asked my wedding coordinator to switch our reception from the pool deck to the terrace and just learned they can't because another wedding is happening at the same time!! I didn't think they managed weddings at the same time..I was told when booking that there are 2 weddings each day. 1 in the AM and 1 in the PM! How close is the deck to the pool terrace? Does anyone know? Is this going
  10. @@smileitseb yeah..our styles are ridiculously similar!! Though I am wearing a veil I am also wearing a jeweled headpiece! I need something to jazz up this short hair! Lol also, I am obsessed with orchids and roses! I am torn between adding colors to my bouquet though. I may do all white and add the pops of color to the bridesmaid bouquets and corsages for the moms. Oh..thanks for sharing your makeup experience!! I locked in the makeup artist's name you used! I will bring my own foundation and concealer and have her go to work on everything else! Did you get lashes? I may get extensions befo
  11. @@smileitseb cool! I will follow suit and grab pics..I love the concept and think the guests will like it! How did your guests respond when they received it? So...David's older sister is wearing this watters gown (first pic- dress on the right-same color too) and the rest of my girls are wearing Amsale. (2nd pic) color scheme is blush. I thought it was cool that you selected a similar style..hehe Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. @@smileitseb Hi Lady!! Do you happen to have the template you used for your welcome booklet? Instead of creating welcome bags, we agreed to do a video welcoming the guests and spend dollars on the party accoutrements. hehe. Also, how did you get everyone's pics? Did you ask them to submit or did grab from FB, etc. Has reality set in yet? You're married!!! You were gorgeous too! @@smileitseb Oh. were your bridesmaids gowns Amsale by chance?
  13. @@FutureMrsHerrera Gorgeous pictures!! Your review is very helpful too!! I will make sure to pay particular attention to the menu selection. I'm so excited! I have 4 more months. @@smileitseb can't wait to hear all about it!!!
  14. @@Lbrennan0 I sent an email to the dreams coordinator last month inquiring about a cake stand. They have them but I did not inquire about the styles. I officially enter my three month mark soon, so I will discuss then.
  15. @@smileitseb remember enjoy your wedding and live in the moment! I'm sure everything will be beautiful! Don't forget about us! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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