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  1. Mexico charms with colorful culture, sophisticated local vendors, 6,000 miles of Pacific and Caribbean coast, and plenty of tequila. Generally people prefer beach wedding there.http://www.bharatkirayabhandar.com/
  2. These are simply beautiful for decoration.http://www.bharatkirayabhandar.com/
  3. Cards making company or Event Management Company will provide u such readings easily as per your thoughts and personality.
  4. You can check some wholesale market stores who provides simple artificial flowers or u can check some stores who provides these things for few days in some low costs. Most of the Raipur dome provider does this for decoration.
  5. You can choose a destination wedding. Generally wedding planners do not provide these if it is not a theme party. If u have already told your Event Management Company about theme then they will arrange this.
  6. There are various sites who provide sunglasses in wholesale market rate. Generally Event Planner Chhattisgarh provides these sunglasses too for one day.
  7. Thanks for sharing this site. I think the cost and designs are good for gifts and packaging. Well various Event Planner Chhattisgarh looks for such sites to satisfy their clients in low budgets.
  8. It depends upon the city, destination you choose for wedding. It will be more good if you will take help from the Event Management Company because they have experience of decorating various locations with suitable themes.
  9. It depends upon designer basically. Various Wedding planner Raipur or in other cities too, they know how to design those dresses like using dark color and some fabrics it will not look bold.
  10. I will suggest you to ask your Event Management Company to deal with this. Generally wedding planner also provides designer to designs dresses under budgets and they also knows which dress will suites best as per destination.
  11. getting legal ceremony doesn't take away from DW even its very interesting that you go for legal ceremony. mostly very few prefer this.
  12. i have spend about 80K only on the gifts which are given to about 20 bridesmaids at the day of weeding. so it totally depends upon the budget u take in. so do what even u feel good.
  13. you can wear some thing like shown below. its gives a cool and dashing persoality that suits a bride at the day of weeding.
  14. hey for wedding day you must prefer only professional hair and makeup artist because the way they do all the finishing in the make up and hair style no other non professional can do it. and its going to be one of the important day of your life so you must look very gorgeous as you will remember that day the rest of your life.
  15. hey congrats. you can wear whatever is more comfortable to you. you will gorgeous in any dress because wedding day is totally the day of bridal.
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