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  1. @@BreeShort - We just got back from our wedding - we had rented an Amp for two separate parties - and needed to supply our own cord both times. I'd recommend bringing one with you as it didn't seem that they had one to lend us.
  2. Has anyone shipped items/decor to the hotel before the wedding? If so any tips on that? I keep reading horror stories and am now undecided on what to do...any positive experiences with that you can share to help put me at ease? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. @@carrieandsam - Thanks! Is Zocalo Beach level or is it on some type of a hill? I'm becoming increasingly concerned that my grandma will fall on the beach - and ideally, we'd like to have an ad hoc dance party around our fire pit/tiki torches without any spills or drama....
  4. Hey @@carrieandsam! Our final room list is due Sept 4 for our Oct 19th wedding. Our TA has confirmed that they will be sending the final list to WC on or by Sept 4. Our TA has been copied on all of our communication with our WC along the way - so this wasn't a surprise to her. Can anyone tell me what the differences between Beach Building 3 and Zocalo Beach are?
  5. Does anyone know about the music situation at the hotel? We're interested in understanding if there's music at the private cocktail hours - or if we have to provide that - what about around the pools throughout the day? We've got the amplifier rented for the private dinners we've secured - just wondering what is customary for private cocktail hours before private dinners... Thanks in advance!!
  6. @carrieandsam - We gave people fake deadlines - in terms of "You Need to book by this date or else..." - We have been communicating to people via email (our STDs were emails - then we sent a follow up with our wedding website to book - then reminders). Each email contained the deadline - which was 1 month before our actual deadline. Our paper invites were a formality for the more traditional folks who we knew couldn't attend. We are now just texting/emailing the last few (10) stragglers in case they want to book. I'd suggest a full on email/text campaign saying you have to release your roo
  7. @@BreeShort @@BecomingaRiggio @@Tiffany Fox Thank you all for your tips. I spoke with the WC in Miami and she said we can squeeze a cocktail hour in (phew). One more question (ahaha ya right)...we're looking to have a "beach themed" 60+ person Welcome Dinner on the beach with tiki torches and a bon fire. Can anyone recommend a location at the resort that would offer a large flat beach area for us to do this on? Are Beach Building 3 and Palapa Yoga our only real beach options - or am I missing one? Any advice on what works/worked best is greatly appreciated. Also - at the privat
  8. Awesome video ladies! Thanks for sharing I have a logistics question on which someone will be able to advise...our ceremony is at 5pm on the Sky Deck. We then have our reception at 7pm in the ballroom (I'd hope we can move this time if needed). How do we fill the gap from the end of the ceremony to the beginning of the reception? We're a group of drinkers - so naturally, we'l like to do some type of cocktail. Any advice on if it's worth scheduling a 2 hour cocktail hour between the ceremony and reception or if it would be better to just have guests go to one of the bars for a quick d
  9. @@carrieandsam - Sorry I totally missed your question from earlier. We arrive on the 15th - our guests are coming on the 17th. Then a bunch of us are staying the week. @@BecomingaRiggio - Congrats! Everything looks amazing - love your dress and your reception location! Does anyone have any info on the beach private events locations? We're looking for a flat beach surface (my grandmother recently broke her hip and isn't overly mobile) where we can put out tiki torches and have a low key private event....any insight on the difference between Beach Building 3 and Palapa Yoga (other th
  10. @@BecomingaRiggio Thanks for the information! Those flowers look so REAL! @@carrieandsam We're looking to have a "Welcome Dinner" on the day of your wedding. Do you have your venue decided/booked/confirmed? We don't want to book the location you'd like for your wedding and are trying to see what the available locations are. Are there other couples getting married Oct 17-19 2015 who are also on this site?
  11. Wow! @@BecomingaRiggio Those look awesome! Are you shipping them to the hotel or are you bringing them in a suitcase? Can you pm me the flower info as well as info on how you booked your free private events at AS? Thanks! Ps-congrats on your real pre-wedding wedding! So cute! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. @@carrieandsam - Thanks! My fiance is a bit of a nut (said lovingly) and is concerned that his large Italian family won't be able to make it on time to the ceremony as it's a bit like herding cats. I think the BdR may help us so we can put together a more realistic timeline for that day. I'll look into availability to see if we can make it down! I have gotten a few different answers from the fine folks at Lomas/Karisma with regards to booking private events. Has anyone tried to use the "Free Private Events (dinner/cocktail hour)" for their wedding reception/rehearsal dinner/welcome d
  13. @@carrieandsam - We're October 19th, and I'm starting to feel overwhelmed. When are you planning to send out your Invites? Did the BDR help you tremendously? We're trying to decide if we should try to squeeze one in to help answer some of our "logistical" questions. What are the biggest pros/benefits you got from the BDR?
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