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  1. I have them booked for videography for my upcoming 6/28/16 wedding, I had already booked a different photographer or I would have used him for both. He was actually recommended to me by my photographer, Misha Earle. I've been very happy with communication so far and everything on his site looks beautiful, so I am anticipating a good experience. I'll be sure to review when it's all over!
  2. Hey all! I'm officially 2 months out as of today! Our guest count is 41 plus us. At this point, were planning for a beach ceremony, semi-private dinner at Aunt Ruby's, and beach bonfire after with the DJ (jamaicaweddingdj, resorts preferred vendor) I got fed up with Tai Flora's poor communication and what we got for the money, so we went ahead and booked Floral Fantasies! We have Misha Earle for photography and Lexon for videography (I would've booked him for both photo/video, but we had already booked Misha). Now I'm just trying to hammer out some of the smaller details. I'm curious if any
  3. So glad to hear this! We booked her for our June 28th wedding in Montego Bay.
  4. Can I ask about cost? I'm getting married in June and Jamaica Wedding DJ's are my resorts preferred vendor. They told me the DJ cost $190 an hour and that's what the DJ said as well but the email I received also said something about $760.00 for "renting the equipment and hiring the DJ."
  5. I'm curious what everyone is doing for their table decor! We're planning to do the semi-private dinner at Aunt Ruby's and then have the beach bonfire afterwards. I can't bring myself to pay for centerpieces for an 1.5 hour dinner! I'm thinking about just keeping it simple with some pink rose petals, candles, and starfish/shells scattered on the table. Does anyone know if its usually round or long tables? Hope everyones planning is going well!
  6. Starting to look around for a videographer, any recommendations out there? We booked Mischa Earle for our photographer.
  7. I'm not worried about it being gorgeous! I'm a bit stressed about picking the locations for everything. Its hard for me to picture where everything will happen after the beach ceremony. We're leaning towards having the reception at the beach bonfire (we will probably have 25-30 guests), but the weather makes me nervous. But I also havent heard a lot about having the reception at the resorts club. Basically I'm just struggling to plan without really seeing it! Do we pick our locations for everything when we arrive or is that something that needs to be chosen with the coordinators beforehand?
  8. Hey all! I'm a 6/28/16 Suites bride Curious if anyone visited the site beforehand?
  9. I'm having my wedding June 28,2016 at Iberostar Rose Hall Suites. My fiancee and I are tossing around the idea of possibly doing a site visit in March/April to get a better feel for the place and to help with the planning process. We would obviously like to meet with the wedding coordinators while we're there as well. My question is if anyone else has done a similar pre-wedding visit at this resort and what it involved? March/April is not a cheap time to go to Jamaica (we live in New Jersey). Does the resort perhaps make it a cheaper stay since you are having a wedding there? Or anything like
  10. Her ears must've been burning bracts I JUST got an email from her asking what my date choices are! We really want 6/25/16 because we have some guests who are in the school system and any earlier is cutting it too close and any later and were getting closer to 4th of July and the rainier season! The 26th is our second option but I know the weekend just works out best for most of our guests and that's our goal-keeping it as easy as possible for those willing to travel for us!
  11. That's the email address I used. The travel agent is a whole other issue. I spoke with one my parents and other family members have used and highly recommended. However, I'm having issues contacting her as well! I can't catch a break lol. I just wanna get this thing booked before I lose our date!
  12. I did use that email and I've emailed them three times and no response!
  13. I've been trying to email the resort and have yet to receive a response. It's very frustrating when I want to start this process and I have guests asking about details and I don't have the answers! I used the wedding email I found on the Iberostar site.
  14. Hello! I'm starting to plan a wedding for June 2016 at Rose Hall Suites in Montego Bay and I'm hoping and previous/current brides can help me out! I'm finding it difficult to get any information online and I want to know more about pricing. We are thinking we will have roughly 40 guests and I only see packages for much smaller wedding parties. I'm wondering how exactly the price works ( $ per head, any package deals, etc.). Thanks in advance for your help!
  15. Thanks so much! About 40 guests seems to be roughly what we think we will have so this is helpful!
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