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  1. @@lynne1609 - wow so adorable! @JamieCKL - Sorry, I meant no bridal party. So it was just my mom and I walking in. For before the wedding, I had a whole playlist (not sure what they got to since I wasn't there). "Make you feel my love" by Adele, and Like I'm gonna lose you by Megan Trainor, and beat of the music by Brett Eldridge, Some Bob Marley etc, Jack Johnson. Then I walked down to A Thousand Years - Christina Perri After the wedding we played "I do" by Colbie Callait, I wanted something fun and peppy.
  2. @@lynne1609 No trial, and honestly I wasn't sure until five minutes before how I wanted it. They were all great though, and will work with you to get it exactly how you want it. It was SOOOOOOO windy the day of our wedding and my hair stayed pretty well.
  3. Hi Ladies! Congrats on your upcoming weddings. I just got my photos back. Can upload some soon! I can't wait to go back. @@lynne1609 so exciting and SO CLOSE! @JamieCKL - For songs... this is what I did. - I had three songs for the "pre wedding" so it wasn't silent when I was there - one song to walk down the aisle - one song to sign the documents (we did a legal ceremony) - one song for when we walked back down the aisle. If you have bridesmaids you might want another one in there before you. I didn't have any. You will literally sit in a 3 hour meeting with your wonderful c
  4. @@lynne1609 The blood test is a real in the arm - real deal but he is quick and it was the most painless experience I ever had getting blood drawn. Dont' worry! For those wondering about shoes - I wore barefoot sandals, trust me you won't want shoes. Even the walkway that they put down is unsteady so better to be flat footed until the reception/cocktail hour when you're on solid ground.
  5. Hi Ladies, Wanted to check in sooner - but our wedding went off fabulously on April 29th. I am in serious withdrawal about being back from our honeymoon. The wedding was fantastic. Better than I could have imagined. Do not worry about a THING. I'll write a full review soon. As well as share some pics!
  6. @@JulieStaad Congrats! So exciting! One of the options they showed me was having the cocktail hour on the beach. Might be good for you guys if you plan to do Los Olas.
  7. ahhh I know, it's coming so fast. we're t-minus 3 months right now, and I can't believe it! I think having that many people is the perfect problem to have!! We are at 55 right now, did they tell you how many people you could have at the Lobster house w/dancing? I can't remember. I hear ya about paying extra for the dance floor on the beach. And with you about not wanting to be fully inside. I've heard lots of great things about the foyer. It looks so pretty in pictures! Although I've also seen really beautiful pictures in Toscana. Remember you'll be outside with your guests for all of
  8. @@KeriT21 this is what they quoted me - they said they have 2 stylists on hand The prices for the beauty parlor services are: Hair Styling Long 2 hours. $85 usd Hair Styling Medium 1 hour and 30 minutes. $75 usd Hair Styling Short 1 hour. $65 usd Make up 1 hour. $55 usd SpaManicure 50 min $55 usd Spa Pedicure 50 min
  9. Don't be! I talked ot all the girls on this thread and they all loved them. Also remember they do this DAILY. they know their stuff!
  10. @@lynne1609 Of course! I plan to return with a full report and lots of pics! Ooo moccasin's what color? That's a good idea!
  11. @@KeriT21 I thought so too! I like the way it pops agsinst the sand. Shoes are a struggle though. So far.. Yes! They are doing my hair and makeup, I'm doing the Gold package so it's included. Which package are you guys doing? From what i've read on here and tons of other reviews the people at the spa do fantastic jobs. My friends/mom are getting their hair done as well that day.
  12. Your dress is stunning!! I love that. We are getting married in April, my fiancé is wearing a very light grey suit by Calvin Klein, we're still unsure about shoes right now but he felt like that wouldn't be too hot as the material was very thin!
  13. @@KeriT21 My date was this month and we have only about 50% that responded. Which stinks. I even did an online RSVP to make things easier Plus the RSVP cards. It's frustrating.
  14. I sent my invites out right before the holidays, with a Feb 1 RSVP. They wanted us to have them in a couple months before the wedding. Where did you guys order from? We used Minted.com and with their codes it saved a lot of money. I know WeddingPaperDivas also does a lot of sales!
  15. @@lynne1609 I have a sheet of everything included but things not included like centerpieces. I have no idea what's worth getting for thoose.
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