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  1. @@hapykat they did contouring but only a little. I added more when I got back to my room! We used some different songs or not so traditional. I'm trying to even remember what my husband chose for the bridal party since I couldn't hear it lol. I walked down to my aunt singing the beyonce version of Ave Maria (the song has special family meaning) After the ceremony we walked back down the aisle to "I got a woman" by Ray Charles lol. We has a super laid back wedding though. For our 1st song we also did something more untraditional and did "Blowers Daughter" by Damien Rice. Fo
  2. @@JenniferH114 totally makes sense. We only had the photographer come 30 minutes early to the room because we didn't want to pay for the extra hours. She came at 2pm photgrapher for about 30 minutes...then went to the pier to get the shots ahead fo the ceremony and we got married at 3pm. If you have the photgrapher coming that early you definitely may want to go earlier
  3. @@JenniferH114 I would consider switching the order. I went first too and thought it would be better so I wouldn't be rushing around. We all ended up sitting in the spa anyway so maybe worth considering going after them @@Sabes44 2 of my bridesmaids and my husbands cousin put their hair up and he was equally as fast!
  4. @@Sabes44 we did hot pink and red rose petals (may sound a little weird but our colors were purple, red, and hot pink) I think they looked awesome and added a great pop of color and looked really tropical. We had some vases that were filled with water and white orchids (they made a mistake, they were supposed to be purple but it wasn't a big deal) on the table where the judge was, and honestly they blended a lot with the rest of the scenery. Just my two cents. Let me know if you have any more questions! I would be happy to help. I wish I found this site BEFORE the wedding
  5. @@Sabes44 I did have a LOT more downtime than I expected. My wedding was scheduled for 3pm. At first they had said hair and makeup at 1pm which I thought was crazy. SInce they had two stylists and I had 4 people that needed to get their hair done, we scheduled at 9:30 and 11:00 (since they told us it would take two hours for long hair). They were able to do makeup on two additional people and do one additional hair and we were still done by about 11:30 LOL. So we had about 3 hours to hang before the wedding. It was fine, we went back to my suite, ordered room service for lunch and just hung ou
  6. @@upstatekj It was sooooo windy that day but not any more windy on the pier than it would have been on the beach. It was windy about the first 3 days we were down there and then of course the day after we got married totally still. But I can't complain, it was 70% chance of rain the day of the wedding and we stuck with doing it outside and it was a gorgeous day minus the wind. It just made for some funny pictures with dresses blowing and hair all over the place I honestly don't remember who did my hair and makeup? I wish I could remember his name but he was really fast and good! If they s
  7. Hi All! Sorry for the delay! I will post as many as I can! @@upstatekj we got the gold menu...don't remember the exact number but it had a soup, caesar salad, and then a pistachio crusted fish and seafood stuffed salmon. The food was actually REALLY good. Especially for banquet style food. The service was a little slow during dinner but it was totally fine. We missed the cocktail hour because we were taking pictures but everyone said the cocktails were great too. I would have to look up what we actually ordered. I will also say, the cake was OUTSTANDING! I normally do not like cake at all. I w
  8. @@Giocivs88 I will post some more later tonight! I have some great ones of the pier where the ceremony was and the oregano room where the reception was. WHat else would you like pics of?
  9. @@upstatekj - we actually had 46 not including us and I was surprised it fit surprisingly well. I can post a pic of the actual pier later tonight but they are on my computer at home...Since they can fit 4 people across, two on both sides of the aisle, it only was 12 rows deep. I took these pics of the pics from my computer so the quality may not be that great but you can get the idea of the shots! Let me know if you need anything else
  10. We just got married on January 10th at Excellence Riviera Cancun and it was the best experience ever! I like many of you was a little hesitant because the email responses seemed to be delayed a bit from Jessica and nothing seemed to be very cohesive as far as price and information. I will say though, about a few weeks out she sent me an email with a pdf of everything. We went back and forth a little bit about things butit was organized. When we got down there, she met with us and we got everything taken care of in about 30 minutes. We got married on the pier and it was absolutely stunn
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