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  1. Hi @@Janjin!! I am getting married 11/21, the day after you are!! I am stressing and getting excited as well. Count Down!!! Thank you for the advice @@murmel!!
  2. Hi Ladies, Any helpful tips on how to travel with the wedding gown on an airplane? Thank you
  3. @@linaco80 Thank you for sharing the latest news on the mojito bar. I had no idea that they moved all the live music/ DJ to the teen room and I also have my guest going to the mojito bar after the reception. Thank you!! I will have to make some changes to the itinerary. Question- Do they have a bar set-up in the teen breeze room? I am glad you still had a great time. @@Ydolem Beautifull wedding!!!! Thank you for sharing your pics, advice and experience. Congratulations!
  4. @ Jennypert Thank you very much for all of your helpful advice. I still have not decided on a photographer so I need to make a decision soon. -Yesica @@raqpena Thank you for sharing your pics and advice. I love your setup. Congratulations!!! @@Janjin I have finally had some of my guest book their travel arrangements so I am excited! How is everything going for you? I am having the ceremony on the Sky Deck as well and I am still looking for some ideas for decor. I will share my ideas once I get some in place I am thinking nice and simple since the Sky Deck has a nice view.
  5. Hi @@Jennypert Your wedding looks awesome. Thank you for sharing your photos and advice. Can you provide advice on photography service and DJ service? Thank you and congratulations on your nuptials. I hope you are enjoying the married life -Yesica
  6. @janjin- ok cool. I am from the DC area!! This cold weather sucks!! Yes, and we still have not had anyone book Yes, the table decor is expensive. I am looking for other alternatives but I really do not want to pack decor to bring with me. AWW!! Exciting!! How did your dress shopping go? My sister is coming to DC this weekend so we are going to go on Saturday or Monday. FYI- I asked about the make-up artist and hair stylist coming to the suite to do make-up and hair and they add a 20% service fee to the total. @@Ydolem Have you looked into photography? I am really sc
  7. @LaurenR- Yes, I read it on their website. I guess I can call and ask to see if they make any exceptions but I saw the room during the BDR event and it is small. I need to fit at least 8 people. The only other thing I can think of is to have the girls take turns coming in the room. The bride has the room for 3 hours so the first hour, you and 3 people can be in the room and the next hour 2 people and so on. @Janjin- That is great! I emailed my WC today to confirm the Zavas plaza so I hope it is still available. oh ok. I don't see another option but to use the Spa for hair and makeup so let'
  8. @Janjin- That is great! We have decided and reserved the Sky rooftop and want to use the Zavas Plaza (pool area) for the reception. Have you booked your ceremony and reception locations? What are you doing about decor and makeup? I was interested in the bridal suite but it only holds up to 4 people and this is not going to work for me. You will enjoy it! I haven't decided on photographers or a DJ I need to get to it.
  9. @@Janjin I am getting married 11/21/15, so exciting. I am also in the process of blocking rooms. Do you have a contact at the resort? I am working with Elena. BTW I attended the BDR and it was a great experience. I am a visual person so seeing everything was great. If you can go, please go to the event.
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