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  1. @@Tammy87, Welcome and congratulations. You'll find a ton of helpful stuff and helpful people in this forum. There's also a great FB group I would recommend that is fantastic! There are a few but the popular ones are: 'Cancun Brides' and 'Cancun Brides and Riviera Maya Brides' Good luck with your planning and hope to share info with you soon.
  2. Ok, so I just looked at this and it makes sense now. The pricing of $83.00 for over 20 ppl is the price of just the regular silver menu. If you noticed in the upgrade section for the 20 ppl included in your package to upgrade to Buffet it is an additional $27 (83+27=$110), so it would make sense that any extra persons would be the $110 for the buffet. Not that I agree with the pricing tier what so ever, just that I see how it is calculated now. Hope that helps...
  3. @@racht33 Claudia, my WC, told me during my site visit that the cost would be $110 over the 20 and the difference between the pkg you paid for and the $110 for the 20 included in the pkg. She hasn't sent me my updated budget sheet yet, but I will confirm as soon as she sends it to me. I've been hearing different stories as well...
  4. Hi ladies, the explanation she gave me was that it would be in photos and if someone saw those photos they would think that's what the resort offers and it would give them a bad reputation. She made the statement for all flowers not just rose petals. Very lame reason I felt. Especially since you are not allowed real candles. @@racht33, exactly! You can't do anything about mother nature, but I would really rather it not be raining like that on our day. lol
  5. @@racht33 my site visit was interesting -yup Tropical storm from hell.... Unfortunately for the resort, I feel like it didn't give them much of a fair chance to really show their true\full potential. I will say the restaurants were very good, staff was amazing/helpful/friendly, rooms were very clean and beautiful. My concerns were the lack of entertainment because of the monsoon (seriously it felt\looked like a monsoon), the seaweed epidemic on the beach and the fact that it could rain that much on our wedding day. It had me soo very upset that I was actually considering moving to a whole new island\location. However, based on several factors we've decided to gamble and keep the venue where it is. Our WC, Claudia was a sweetheart. Very knowledgeable and helpful with ideas. She answered pretty much all my questions. She did say some things I wasn't too happy with. Like, they are not allowing anyone to bring fake flowers to the resort. Not that I was going to, but if I wanted that option then I should have it. I think I was more put off by her explanation of why. The tasting went well. My FI and I were pleased with it. I actually forgot to ask to do a tasting of the wedding cake, but she made it happen last minute. I loved that she was so accommodating.
  6. Thank you ladies. I knew it was going to be rainy season, but I thought more of a Caribbean 20 min on 20 min off type of thing which I can deal with. I didn't think much of anything worse, cause when I did my research I read Riviera Maya is pretty much protected from getting hit by hurricanes and the average rainfall in June was 6 days out of the month. Which I thought was not bad and something I can deal with. Never did I imagine anything like they had this weekend. It was crazy. lol Don't get me wrong, we knew how to make the best of it (we went in the Jacuzzi anyway ), but you're wedding day is just a little harder to do. We picked June because it's our anniversary so it meant a lot to have it around that time. We have been together for 19 years as of June 15th. My fiance had recommended that we get married on our 20th anniversary which I thought was a beautiful idea. So I'm kinda stuck on that (because it was such a romantic gesture), however if I am able to change it for earlier I would. I did try and see if I can move it, but they are already pretty much booked in 2016 -so crazy. @@calgarybride2015 I meant location change as another island. We are considering Aruba. I sent my TA an email asking her for recommendations. Ugh, I just really didn't expect what transpired.
  7. Alright ladies, I'm at a cross roads with my recent site visit and I don't know what to do. As I mentioned I just came back from my site visit at Dreams. Unfortunately for the hotel, it was just bad timing and now I'm worried and confused. They were hit with the most torrential rains. It almost looked like a hurricane it was that bad. Now I know the hotel cannot control the weather, but I just don't know if I'm willing to shell out all this money to possibly have my wedding in the ballroom or some other area that is not the beach. I completely understand that the end result is I'm marrying my best friend for life, but you have a destination wedding for the beauty of it. My other issues are that it didn't give the hotel a fair chance to show what they could really offer as far as entertainment. The poor staff (which go above and beyond and are/were the nicest people) were working overtime with the deluge of rain that poured down -trying to keep the floors dry and safe for everyone. Another thing they can't control is the ocean water and seaweed. From what I was told it just started happening a few years ago as a result of El Nino, but it's huge on our list of wants. The water was not clear and difficult to swim in. So as of right now, my FI are doing a pros/cons list to see if we should move to another location. I would love to hear from the ladies that had their weddings there this past weekend and get their insight on things; bad or good. What I did like was the staff/service, the restaurant food, the rooms and the outside jacuzzi. My WC, Claudia, was very sweet, nice and seemed very knowledgeable. She answered all my questions and was very re-assuring that she wouldl work with me to help me put my dream wedding together while trying to maintain my budget. I welcome all comments/opinions. I'm very stressed and trying to work through it, so any help would be appreciated.
  8. Hi Ladies, I'm leaving for DRC tomorrow morning for a site visit and food tasting. Can't wait! So excited, but very unprepared. So, if any ladies would like to share any questions that you have been thinking about it might help me figure out what I need to ask them -and of course I will post answers. Claudia asked me to bring my planning form, but I sooo don't have that finished cause I just can't make up my mind about a lot of things. I'm hoping the visit will fix that. I'm thinking I will print some pictures from my wedding inspiration board from Pinterest so she has a better idea -or at least help me have a better idea. lol I had a vision all set in my head, but that all changed when I fell in love with my wedding dress that I found. Now I'm just completely lost and it doesn't help my indecisiveness. lol Wish me luck.
  9. Ok, so I leave tomorrow morning for DRC for my site visit. I am extremely excited, but really nervous too! I don't have my planner form filled out and I have no idea what questions to ask. My wedding is so far away so I'm not very prepared to give her that much info. I did, however, make an appt. with the head wedding coordinator and also to have a food tasting. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! @@smileitseb who did you use for photographer/videographer? What made you choose them? Did you like them and did you interview any others? If so, how many and who? Also, I remember you said you upgraded to buffet menu. How did they charge for that since your pkge came with 20 for silver menu? Sorry for all the questions and thanks for any info you can provide.
  10. Hi Ladies, First I want to say congratulations to everyone on their future planning and nuptials! @@yuniedo, thank you for starting this thread for us 2016 brides! I can't wait to start sharing ideas with everyone. This site is great! All the past DRC brides have been so very helpful. For any future brides that are not aware, there is also some FB groups for Riviera Maya/Cancun Brides. I highly suggest adding your self as member. Lots of great stuff on there as well. My FI and I are getting married in DRC on June 17, 2016. We just booked a site visit for next month -need to check out how hot it's going to be. lol We picked the Ultimate Package as well. @@jenna85, it is very overwhelming, but the brides on here do such a great job of offering tips and tricks. Also, if you don't mind, can I ask if you had to put a deposit down when you blocked your rooms? I started out with only planning on having 40 guests, but it looks like it may be more. Sent my STD to 67 ppl!!! Holy cow!! My budget is blown if it stays that high -paying the pkg 3x's over. yikes! Well, can't wait to start planning and sharing with you all. Best of luck to everyone and let the count down begin!!
  11. @@Sheaka and @@bitbitz, thank you ladies. @@bitbitz, me too. It was not easy and I still find myself questioning my pick, but that's because I'm a very indecisive person sometimes. Don't worry though, you'll find it and you'll love it. Good luck! @@smileitseb, I am beyond excited for you so I can't even imagine the level that you must be at right now. Holy cow 29 days!! I see that you did end up with 60 guests. What pkge did you take and are you doing the plated or buffet? What time is your ceremony? I would love to see it through the web cam. So exciting!! I bet you can't wait for it to hurry up and get here already. lol Are you all set with everything? How was the planning stages with the planners so far?
  12. OMG, ladies I said YES to the Dress yesterday - and it just hit me all at once today. Crying and everything on the drive into work this morning. Ppl must have thought I was losing it. Lol I am beyond excited! Thank goodness that's over. I don't think I could've looked at another dress.
  13. @@nattiegams325, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You looked absolutely beautiful and everything looked exquisite! I'm getting married in the Gazebo as well, how did you feel about it? Did it lack privacy like everyone is saying (bathing suit clad people laying around) or was it fine? I'm sorry to hear about your photographer, but your pics are still beautiful. Welcome, back and thanks for sharing your day! xo
  14. @@nattiegams325 Best of Luck and Best Wishes! So excited for you and can't wait to see it -so cool that there's a live web link!! Ok, ladies quick question. Is Dreams Riviera Cancun considered to be in Cancun or Riviera Maya? I'm getting different answers from different websites. lol I just blocked my rooms with Wright Travel Agency and so excited to send my Save the Dates out!!
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