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  1. I paid about $1000 to have mine and 5 bridesmaids hair and makeup done. It was a lot but I don't regret it at all because they did an amazing job. We had champagne and chocolate covered strawberries and they did all of us simultaneously so we were in and out in about 2 hours. It took so much hassle out of getting ready and we had a great time. Hair and makeup lasted all night
  2. @@sarahjayne07 I got married in November and I was quite worried about photography too. I thought that I liked the look of matias cano but they were more expensive and we ended up going with Caribe. I have to say that I was so impressed with them. Our photographer was professional and accommodating and seemed very experienced at this resort. we got all 604 pictures (over 5 hours) and a beautiful photo book 6 weeks later and on time!
  3. Hi everyone. So my husband Adeit and I got married at Azul Sensatori on Nov 26. Here is a little review I hope you find helpful. We arrived late on Sunday. Everyone was checking in (with welcome drinks) and we had our own personal concierge check us in. We met one of the wedding coordinators and she gave us our appointment for 9am the next morning. We went to get some food at SPOON which was awesome and then hit up the mojito bar….also awesome. We went to the mojito bar often late night. Drinks were great but they did often run out of all the flavors. I didn’t mind at all, still lots to choose from and the guys behind the bar work so hard. My favorite was watermelon and grapefruit. We went to our appointment the next morning. Our main coordinator was not there (Janet) but we had some other lovely ladies go over everything with us. Unfortunately I don’t remember their names. They were very helpful and accommodating. They let us know that Adeit could pick up a key for his ‘grooms room’ the day before and got some swatch samples for runners for me to choose from. They let me know how to get my dress steamed and went over all other details. In the 3 days before the wedding we just hung out with our guests. We did have a welcome dinner at SPOON on night 2. This was wonderful. We had many staff waiting on us. Welcome champagne and very prompt service. We were very impressed by how polite and hard working all the staff was. Everyone raved about the food as well, especially the steak. I heard the steak was amazing everywhere. Day of the wedding we had to decide about venue. We were supposed to be on the beach for ceremony and cocktails and plaza zavaz for reception. The morning of it was sooo windy so I opted to have the ceremony on the rooftop garden, which was very nice. We still had the cocktail hour at palapa yoga. Although there was 0% chance of rain in the morning that percentage was creeping up throughout the day and so due to that at the wind I opted to have our reception in the ballroom. I still wish I could have had it outside as the ballroom was way too big for our party (32 ppl) but in the end it saved me from worrying about the weather. They still did a good job of setting it up and incorporating all my décor, although it was somewhat lost in such a big space…oh well. My 5 bridesmaids and I all got our hair and makeup done in the spa salon at 12 and we done my 2pm. We were all very impressed with the makeup and hair….both stayed all night. They brought us champagne and we were very comfortable. We then went back to my room, took a few pics along the way. We had another bottle of champagne in the room waiting for us. My step mom took some more pics and then the girls helped me into my dress (they sent someone from the wedding department to help with this too but we were fine). The photographer, Havier (Caribe) showed up right at 3 and did a great job of directing the pre ceremony shots. While this was happening, Janet called to ask if we needed anything and I asked for some scissors and some fruit, chips and guacamole. All were promptly delivered. My dad came, we got a few more good shots and then off we went. Before the ceremony they had asked us for 1 playlist with 4 songs. 1-mb gm walk, 2-my isle song, 3-signing (symbolic) song, 4-exit song. The wedding department was there to help us make sure the timing was right. My dad and I were waiting at the bottom of the stairs to come up and walk down the aisle and Berenice was waiting with us to coordinate this. Ceremony was great! I forgot my vows (I did have them memorized, because I was so emotional. Good thing my MOH had them in her bra….I recommend this J We left…pictures, pictures, pictures. The beach was very windy but we still got a few shots there. Then we went to our cocktail party. We missed most of the food by then but the food I did have was great (Italian appies). We had a full bar and everyone seemed happy. We then went to reception in the ballroom. The coordinators timed an entrance and song for us. They had a welcome drink ready for everyone. We all settled and the speeches and food right away. The food was amazing, drinks were flowing and there was lots of dancing. I don’t remember what time it was the Havier left but I believe he stayed late to get pics of our speeches which I am so grateful for. When we got back to the room we had rose petals, roses and a Jacuzzi bath drawn for us. Of course we fell right into bed. Breakfast delivered at 9am the next morning….it was really good. We had massages at 11 at the SKY massage. It was VERY windy and therefore kind of distracting (I was still blissed out cuz it was my honeymoon and I was in paradise) but I do suggest sticking to the spa if there is wind. Later on we had our candlelight dinner….a highlight for sure. We picked up our pics the day after and the link for our photobook was sent exactly one week after that. I have already picked all the ones I want and we should have it in the next 6 weeks. All in all I was very happy with Azul Sensatori. Especially Berenice Hernadez and her team in the wedding department. Although there was a wedding almost every day we were there I still felt special every time I walking into the office. They remembered me and I was always greeting with great big smiles and lots of assurance. My only ‘complaint’ (not even) is that I wish I could have picked a smaller indoor location for my reception but that is it. I know some criticism may have been helpful but I honestly have none. I think we all made a good choice picking this resort and we will definitely come back (adults only next time) when we can. Thanks so much for all the information and support I got through this site and good luck to all you ladies still awaiting your big day. Enjoy!! my other pics aren't uploading. I will try to get the ones up with reception decor and hair and stuff... there we go!! PS: one little thing I forgot to mention....there are xmas decorations up right now. This doesn't really matter on the beach but in the rooftop garden, where we had our ceremony there are silver and blue xmas trees and decor in some of the pics which I didn't like. Just be warned if you don't want christmas themed wedding photos haha.
  4. @@amyzig2 I just got back from my wedding there. I know that I was very concerned about hair and makeup and all being done on time but I have to say I was very impressed by the spa staff. There were 6 of us and we were all in and out in 2 hours. The hair and makeup was awesome and we were all in the same room together. They brought champagne and snacks and were very attentive. We did pay a lot for this service but I feel it was worth it. I will post a full review and pics soon.
  5. Thank you @@ACJCWed and @@murmel I think we will bring a cord just in case. @@Janjin - I'm getting married Nov 26!! I agree, exciting, stressful, busy....I can't believe that it is almost here and soon everyone will see what I have been working on for the last 18 months...no pressure right? haha
  6. Hi all, So I am just over a month away and trying to make sure I have not missed anything. I was wondering about amps. We are renting an amp for the reception to play our own music from and IPOD. The miami coordinators did not answer me (I just sent another email) when I asked about if a cord is provided to connect the ipod and amp. Did anyone rent an amp/use their own music for the reception. How did it go? Anything I should know or bring?? Thanks!!
  7. @@amyzig2 I am taking real touch flowers and they look great. I am planning to use them for centerpieces as well, as you suggested, and hopefully selling them off after. They are very durable and travel well. I am assuming you are not in BC. Canada but just in case you are or if you just want to look into them I used www.destinationornot.com for my flowers in Langley, BC. When i get some time I will try to upload some pics.
  8. @@LaurenR Thanks for the tips. I think you are right about not booking a welcome dinner that night....too rushed. I saw your video and your wedding looks amazing. I got a good sense of the space so thanks for that. One more question....were any of the lights, lanterns or banners included there or did you order all of these ?? Thanks again....great work!
  9. Did anyone have their reception at Plaza Zavas? We will have about 30-40 guests and I am worried that it may to big but would also just like to see more pics...the one they gave me was so small. I get confused between all the locations as well..there are so many. Any recommendations for or having the reception there? or for another location? Also our flights get in at 5:50pm in Cancun. I was thinking about trying to have my welcome dinner that night...but thinking I would have to book at 8:30 or later...by the time we get all settled in. Did anyone try to do this the first night? Did they have time? Thanks!!
  10. @becomingriggio @@ACJCWed My reception is at 4 (may move to 4:30) and reception starts at 7.
  11. @ACJCWed re: cocktail party between ceremony and reception Hi I am having a cocktail hour between my ceremony and reception. It may be 'overkill' but personally, having been to a few dws I like to provide a way for the guests to stay together and have something to do. I have been to one where there was nothing planned in between and many guests stood around on the beach taking pictures which kind of interfered with what the photographers were trying to do and was distracting for the wedding party. I also worried about people wandering away or back to their rooms. I also wanted to help guests stay together. Because not everyone knows each other I think this is a good way to keep it inclusive and keep the group feeling of the wedding day intact. Just some things that I thought of Bree
  12. WOW! amazing. Looks like you put in tons of great work and it all paid off. I am also having the most difficulty planning the decor and welcome/bridal party giftbags. I'm wondering... Where did you order your robes from? Where did you order your tumblers from? and I think someone else already asked but were the lights already in the gazebo for your reception or did you bring those? Thanks! and great job!
  13. Yes thank you for the mojito bar update....sounds like a lot of us had plans to keep the party going there. Seems the teen louge worked out just fine....I also wonder is there a bar there?
  14. I probably missed it already but how did you just ask your WC about ordering these? What is the cost and can you view any additional options on the Lomas site? I haven't seen these before. Thanks for posting!!
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