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  1. Hi ladies I am totally new to this site so have no idea what I am doing! I have just booked my wedding at Secrets Wild Orchid for April 2016, I am from the UK so our travel agents don't know a great deal about the weddings they offer etc! I am looking at any advice or tips people can offer me please. I have booked the ultimate package and we are taking 12 guests including myself and my husband to be. I thought I would be rather chilled out and just have a relaxed type of wedding and just go with the flow but I'm finding I am not really like that at the moment???? I am unsure what happens next......I have my date and time confirmed and that is it so far. Fingers crossed I can pick people's brains Also is anyone able to recommend an external photographer as I have just looked at aqua sun profile and I'm not that impressed. Many thanks Wendy xx
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