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  1. Yes she's very much still in the business, I still stay in touch with her. Email me at LoriSposi@@gmail.com and I'll get you contact info.
  2. I don't know if you've chosen your planner yet, but I cannot say enough about my experience with Illeana, Romantic Cabo Weddings, she's awesome! I also interviewed Be That Bride Events, and I was extremely disappointed with their follow through, and for what they charge you would think they would be ultra attentive......the owner did rave about how much money she makes though......
  3. Our Cabo wedding was just over a week ago and I'm still floating on a cloud! Everything was perfect and in fact exceeded all my expectations! By far the most crucial part was the efforts of our Wedding Planner, Illeana Reyes-Romantic Cabo Weddings and Jose Pineda, events coordinator with the Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar! We were in Cabo in November of 2013 to meet with a wedding planner I had talked with over the phone, a well known, high-end planner; well, I cannot tell you how disappointed we were upon meeting her, and how unprofessional her staff was. Lucky for us, we became friendly with a musician at Hacienda Del Mar, and while chatting it up with him we discovered his wife, Illeana, was a wedding planner! Illeana knows her stuff and she works tirelessly to make everything perfect and she is literally there with you every step of the way! We were completely and utterly happy with all her recommended vendors......Blanc Bridal Salon for hair and make-up, Gilda Badillo-photography, Florenta Florist for flowers, the Mariachis, the cigar roller, Impala Cabo-transportation, Picante-fishing charter, Rissaleana-sunset dinner cruise, etc.....with regard to the Hacienda Del Mar(we are timeshare owners there and our guest stayed at the hotel); truly amazing how perfect everything was in just under 2 months after Hurrican Odile hit......truly amazing! Jose Pineda work closely with us to make everything perfect and just the way we wanted it! Honestly, it's not easy to exceed my expectations, but I am still pinching myself.........my fairytale wedding was made a reality!!! I cannot thank Illeana and Jose enough!! Oh, and of course I need to mention Daryl, Illeana husband, who is a wonderful muscian, who performed at our wedding and well into the night at our after party/bonfire on the beach.......he's awesome, but she doesn't get credit for him, because we found him first!
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    For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to post a review on this site. I went to the vendors review, but there is no option to post a new review. Please help
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