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  1. I've got 6 days left until I head to GS! I've got Vania as my WC...she hasn't been that good at responding back quickly but luckily my travel agent at Transat is all over it! Any last minute pointers from you ladies??
  2. Thanks @@emjay84. So it's my understanding that if we have more than 15 guests we will have to choose a set menu (from the menu you provided) for the rehearsal dinner like we will at the reception?
  3. I have a question about the length of the symbolic ceremony. I am not a wedding guru and have no idea how long these take. Specifically I'm just trying to get enough time for photographs with my family and the bridal party before the reception. My timeline right now looks like this (on the Palapa Beach): 4pm ceremony, 5-6pm live music, champagne and apps, 6pm reception starts. It also looks like the sun will set at 607pm. Is my guess off to say (if the ceremony starts on time) it will only take 15 minutes or so?
  4. Do you have the menu for the Italian Restaurant? That's where I'm requesting my rehearsal dinner.
  5. When you say that they have the speaker system and will play it during the ceremony, does that mean I just give them my iPod for the music I want? I have a couple of specific songs in mind and want them to be played.
  6. We were also going to buy one of those Bose Speakers (and it will be great to have for the deck at home). So that's my plan for the music for the ceremony, I just hope it's loud enough/ sound quality is decent enough especially bc we will be outside on the beach.
  7. Sorry I have been so MIA on this site. Only a couple of months to go! I want to bring my own music to the ceremony (on the beach). We are having a symbolic ceremony. Does anyone know how long approximately their symbolic ceremony took? I'm just looking to plan how many songs I should have prepared from the time the guests arrive/sit down until I walk down the aisle. If I decided myself I will probably be way off and either have too much or too little....
  8. Thanks Calgarybride2015, that's all great information! I wanted to bring my own music for my walk down the aisle because I want to take out a verse to make the song shorter. But I suppose if they have speakers I might be able to plug it in to their sound system. For the chair sashes, did you get to look at the colors before going to Mexico? I'm just worried they won't have what I want when I get down there. Also one more thing. Are there 8 people to a table? I tried counting in the picture you just posted.
  9. Hey girls. I have a few questions for the brides who have already been down to the GS: 1. Is it practical to do the ceremony in bare feet on the beach (my ceremony is scheduled for 4pm in the afternoon) 2. Has anyone used their own music to walk down the aisle with? I want to use a Bose cordless speaker for my music, just wondering if it is feasible (sound quality etc) 3. How was the DJ? Does he take requests or does he do his own thing? My FI and I really like country music and am worried there won't be much of it. I plan to bring an iPod full of my own music in case the DJ thing doesn't work out. 4. Did everyone bring their own chair sashes or do they have some there to pick from (other than their standard blue). That also goes for the 'fabrics of the gazebo'. 5. Did anyone rent the Chinese paper balls for the reception in the Palapa, and if so do you have any pictures of what they look like? I think that is it for now, thanks for all your help!
  10. I talked to my TA today and she said the GS email system is currently not working. They are trying to fix the problem and was hoping to have a new email address, or fix the problem later this week. So if you haven't heard back from them in a couple of days that might be the problem. My TA is going to call them tomorrow to confirm the dates, but as of right now that is the only way to correspond with them. I wanted to book well in advanced to be able to get exactly what I want, but if seems like most of the decisions aren't even made until the month leading up to the ceremony! Which is a bit nerve racking but lots of previous brides said everything has always (mostly) worked out.
  11. Hey everyone! I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to this forum! I have spent the last week going through the entire thing. I can honestly say I picked GS very confidently after reading this thread. I originally wanted to have our DW at the Barcelo in the Mayan. I went to a wedding there 1.5 years and was very happy with it. Although my FI and I always wanted to do a DW (all of my family and most of my friends live in the Maritimes, while we live in Edmonton) I've been terrified of picking a resort blindly and being disappointed. I know some ladies on here have complained how expensive the packages at GS are but in comparison to the Barcelo it is reasonable (the top package at the Barcelo is projected to be just under $11,000 CAD in 2016 and to bring a photographer into the resort for the wedding day is $500) We ultimately chose not to go with the Barcelo as it was going to cost our guests nearly $1900 per person in April-June, which was our original choice of wedding dates. After I spoke with our TA Nicola she recommended GS as it had the same wedding vibe/vision I had explained to her (beach wedding, palapa reception) I couldn't find too much information on the GS or their wedding options online, but then I stumbled upon this gem. Ladies let me tell you how much of a help you've been to me already, and I am in the very early stages of planning this trip! We decided to change the dates to November 29 - December 6th 2015 with the wedding on the 3rd. I do have a question about photography as there seems to be a steady stream of negative feedback on what the hotel provides: how much would I be looking at to hire a photographer in Mexico of the day of the wedding/ TTD the following day? If I brought someone with me from Edmonton what is the expectation of payment? Do you just pay for the trip and they take care of the rest, or do you have to pay them on top of covering their travel expenses?
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