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  1. Hi! I am a November 2015 Sanctuary bride. Dalilpino, to answer your question, they did not seem willing to negotiate any pricing with me. I wanted to remove things from the Bliss package to lower the price, and they said that would not be an option. I also had a lot of trouble getting timely responses from Hector when I was sending my initial emails. Truthfully, he was terrible to deal with for many reasons... But the property has hired on a new wedding planner who used to work at Paradisus & she seems very good! =) You can book a room block directly through the hotel, or you can also use a travel agent. The rates were pretty comparable with both, so I decided to use a travel agent so that my guests could take advantage of the payment plan. My TA is Cindy Lorenz. Her email is Cindy@MyForeverHoneymoon.com Hope that helps!
  2. Hi ladies! Did you end up having a Sanctuary/ AlSol wedding? I just visited Sanctuary a few weeks ago, and would love to discuss the venues with you guys.
  3. Hi! I plan on doing the Bliss package in late 2015(50 person package for $8500.) Do you know if they are willing to negotiate on price or modify the package to make it more affordable? Also, were they willing to lock in a room block rate for your guests? I was also hoping you could provide me with more information about how the decorations looked & if they had good options included. Also, are there a lot of hidden "extras" that you end up paying for? And any tips you have about which locations are the best for reception/ceremony, I would really appreciate! Not sure if I want to do a beach ceremony or the ceremony overlooking the ocean. Also, do you remember what the costs were for the photographers on the preferred vendor list? I would love to see your pictures, if you feel comfortable sharing them. =) Thanks, Kristen
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