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  1. @@sarahjayne07 if you want to do your rehearsal on the sky deck you can schedule that with your on site coordinator when you get there. Ask the onsite coordinator now about it tho and she might be able to give you an idea of when availability will most likely be
  2. Charger plates do not come with standard tables that's extra. Katy decor has chargers to rent for $2-$3 a piece that are really good.
  3. It's $25 for the 16 course with no wine pairings and $125 for the 26 or so course with wine pairings. Here is the website www.lechique.com. This will only show the more expensive option but will give you more details. Now keep in mind that the price is more of a credit. For example if you choose the $25/person option and two people go there is a $50 that is automatically added to the bill and that goes to any wine bottle or glass of wine purchased. So if you get a $60 bottle of wine it's just an additional $10. So for $60 you would get a 16 course meal for each person plus a bottle of wine valued at $60 and only pay $60 and tip if you want. It's totally worth it if you want to pay the extra. The experience for both options are way underpriced and worth way more.
  4. There was a general cold going around when I was down there for my wedding and I ended up getting it as well. I probably will go back. Also the you are going to from very air conditioned building to humid weather and vice versa which can cause you to get sick as well. Especially going into an air conditioned room covered in sweat.
  5. @@jmp403 the four hours is plenty of time but that idea sounds awesome! It can be the after party[emoji6] very creative Can't remember who was asking about adding the late guest addition but that happened to us. We had a friend say he could go 3 or so weeks before. He stayed with two guys that had already booked a room so there ended up being three and the late addition paid the same as the other two guys. Since the room block is done by number of rooms and not people there was no problem at all.
  6. Both are equally as classy. It depends on what you want for your guests and what you think they will like. We did plated and they were very accommodating. For example: one of my guest wanted the surf and turf but had a shellfish allergy so they just subbed a salmon in lieu of the lobster tail and I'm a pescatarian so they just subbed the filet out for another lobster tail. We asked ahead of time for our guest that has the shellfish allergy and was told they would accommodate. Thankfully advised by brides that married before me told me to bring food counts in case onsite they did not get the info. The onsite coordinator had not received the information but I had the counts handy and they easily accommodated. With my food request for myself I was just going to give my filet to the hubby and he would give me his lobster tail but the onsite coordinators said they would just give me an additional lobster tail instead of the filet. Very accommodating down there.
  7. @@amyzig2 I would ask why they want copies even if it takes them a bit to get back to you just because passports have sensitive information.
  8. I think I bought four and no need to cut them. The resort will do everything for you so you just bring the fabric and show them a pic of what you want
  9. @@Berg999 I used www.tableclothsfactory.com Selected fabric bolts and used a fabric bolt that was 54" X 10" Here is the exact product I used http://www.tableclothsfactory.com/wholesale-fabric-bolts-embroider-leafs-54x10yards-s/184.htm
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