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  1. Hi!, I hired the photographer for one hour after the ceremony. So, that hour includes 20 photos. In the unforgettable package you only have 15 photos and all of them during the ceremony. So i just wanted some photos after the ceremony and take advantage of the time between the ceremony and the dinner.
  2. Hello Ladies! Sorry for taking that long. I got married on December 13, 2014 and i came back to a bunch of busy holidays, but here is my review. i hope its helpful. I got the unforgettable package w/symbolic ceremony, Wedding in Tulum Gazebo, 1 hr of special cocktails after ceremony, dinner at Don Pablo and 3 hours pool party with DJ. WC:Fanny, assistant: Kevin I did not buy any decorations at all, I trusted in whatever the resort had. I only got wedding favors which everybody loved! i got them from a seller in Mexico, so 80 pieces was around $160 CAD So, Everything was perfect!!. I was so stressed but the meeting with the wc is just awesome. My ceremony was at 4pm but there were some delays because I had a big group of people (80), so the ceremony ended up starting around 4:30, then we just had 1 hr to have photos and drinks. I hired the photographer of the resort only for 1hr. They were so respectful, not pushy or insistent as i have read here before. I paid for the hour of special cocktails after the ceremony, but in that moment it's so crazy because everybody wants photos that it was kind of in a rush. Maybe that's the only thing i would change, like to have more time between ceremony and dinner. the mariachi played in the ceremony, I though it was just delightful to have violins and live music during the ceremony. Then the trio (included in our package) played after the ceremony. I was so busy having photos taken that I didnt even see the trio, but i saw a couple of videos and seemed like the guests loved them. The dinner was in Don Pablo, the WC have everything arranged so everybody gets in the little cars after the ceremony and go to the dinner on time. The set up in the restaurant was just perfect, its so good that i didn't have any decorations because it wasn't necessary in my opinion, the restaurant looks elegant already. The party, was just great, the WC took the cake to the party because for the delay it wasn't enough time to have it during dinner. The set up of the party was great but the best part was the dancing floor. We were doubtful about renting it coz its expensive, but is just amazing because gives to the party a lot of life and with no decorations at all, makes the party looks great. I got the DJ and it was great, he was attentive to every song or request. Makeup and hair i got it in the spa, it was great, a bit slow that's the only bad side. My appointment was at 12:30 and they started like half hour after and finished a bit late so i had to run to get ready after that. However, i loved how they did my hair. In general I am more than happy with the wedding. I had a rocky start in the resort, just some issues with customer service in our check in but that was all, i find all the employees are so kind and friendly. For my check out everything was clearly disclosed and good. At the end i ended up buying a photo book that the photostudio offered me, it was just amazing and i had to get it, Everybody though it was an amazing product so we couldn't resist. I added some photos. If you have questions i will he happy to answer. Happy new year !!!
  3. Hello ladies, has anyone has had the wedding dress steamed in the resort? If yes, is it fast?, expensive? safe? Thank you so much
  4. @@samclarke Thank you so much for the feedback. I liked the tiffani tables and chairs they put for your reception. I thought that for the pool party they only set up high stools and chairs, so i will ask about it. my WC have showed me pictures of the lounge seats they could put but they cost 220usd, they look really trendy though Maybe is a weird question but has anybody have paid the wedding with a debit card at the check out?. I have my money in my debit and i would prefer this method but im not sure if Interact works the same there. Thank you, I appreciate all of your comments
  5. @@samclarke Thank you for sharing your review, looks wonderful!!. Some questions: Did you have a theme dinner or semi-private restaurant dinner with pool side reception?. I have noticed the set-up of your reception and looks really nice. Does the resort has decorations options included or did you buy centerpieces and decorations?. I also noticed the tie of your husband because that's kind of the color i chose too, do you know if there are flowers/decorations/sashes in that color available in the resort? What did you mean by making a time line with your wedding coordinator and family and photographer. i will have the photographer only for 1 hr after the ceremony, so your advise is to have a list of the photos you want and which people you want the photos with? Thank you so much and sorry for so many questions but Im 3 weeks away for the wedding and my WC disappeared.
  6. Yes @@nicolesal, the special cocktails option is only 5usd p/p. The national open bar I think is 12usd, so for 50 people plus DJ it would be around the prices I just posted. You are right, most people prefer the special cocktails, it makes more sense, in my case I chose that one for one hour after the ceremony and then I will pay the national open bar for the 3 hrs reception.
  7. @@nicolesal Well, I asked my WC about if the DJ is included or not but she hasn't answered. However, In the forum a girl wrote the following prices sent to her by her WC: ....We have different packages for a poolside cocktail after the dinner, as it is private it will have the following cost depending of the Open Bar you want: National Bar: Beer, Rum, Vodka, Tequila, Cocktails, Gin, Whisky $2680 USD Special Cocktails: Beer, Piña Colada Cocktail, Margarita Cocktail & Sparkling Wine $1400 USD This option is for 50 persons maximum , in case there´s more people will have an extra charge. This packages includes 3 hours of open bar, set up, soft lighting, cocktail tables, white tiffany chairs microphone and music DJ
  8. Hello @@Dreamteam17 I don't think you have to pay the judge in the symbolic ceremony since the judge is only for legal weddings. And about the DJ, i have read here that some girls knew about one DJ that was still allowed to be hired even though he is external to the hotel. I will go with the DJ they have in the hotel, the cost I think is reasonable (210 usd/hr) but i think is included in 3 hours receptions (pool party) except if the reception is special cocktails.
  9. Hi ladies, Maybe a random question, but does anyone know if people staying in the hotel only for 2 nights can go dinner in 'a la carte" restaurants paying their dinner like in a normal restaurant?. As i understood, people staying 4-5 nights only have 2 a la carte which one is the wedding dinner, and people staying less nights only have the wedding as a la carte, so could they just pay for a restaurant if they want? In my case i have some local people booking only 2 to 5 nights and the hotel has not answered me this. Thank you so much
  10. Hello @@Maggietron by any chance do you remember where you read that is 35usd for each additional guest in the unforgettable package?. Yesterday my WC told me that extra service in this package doesn't apply. So im confused...
  11. Hello @@ElenaBrogden, thank you!. I hope you share a review of your wedding!. Good you have all defined. My wedding is on December 13, and couple of weeks ago she was responsive and quick but suddenly she stopped replying. I am still deciding between unforgettable and Romance package so I am waiting for her to go over some prices but no answer. Makes me a bit anxious but thank you for your comment makes me feel calmer
  12. Hello Ladies Does anyone has Fanny as their wc? have you gotten ahold of her recently?. Im kind of freaking out because my wedding is in December and she hasnt answered my emails in 2 weeks
  13. Hello ladies, I have maybe a bit weird question: How can i take my wedding dress in the plane?, Im scared to put it in the luggage in case it gets lost or delayed as I am taking 3 flights to get to Cancun, so I wanted to take it on the plane with me, but not sure if its allowed and how complicated that is. I am travelling with United Airlines btw. Thank you
  14. @@Maggietron Thank you so much, I am 2 months away from the wedding and im still confused and undecided about the packages/cost. I appreciate the answer coz the WC takes a lot!!!
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