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  1. Hello ladies, I talked a little about my wedding the other day and some of you had some questions, so I'll try to summarize how my process went. We had 31 people coming, including my husband and I, and we went with the Strawberry Package. All but 2 stayed at the Palace where our ceremony and reception happened - the 2 "outsiders" were at a different hotel (not Barceló) but somehow managed to attend the wedding without a day pass. I had given their names to my WC so they would have it at the hotel gate, and I guess no one ever checked if they were guests or not. My wedding was on Saturday and I arrived on Wednesday. On Thursday morning I had a meeting with Estrella (WC) just to go over things we had already discussed through emails. I gave her my decorations and told her kind of what I was looking for and she just got it! Again, Estrella is great!!! We went with the hotel photographer and they were also really good! I haven't seen the pictures yet, so I can't really comment on the quality of them. As for our DJ we went with DiscoMovil. Because our reception was at the beach we thought a dance floor was a must, and cost-wise the outside DJ, dance floor and vendor fee was still cheaper than the resort DJ. And he was amazing! He definitely kept the party going. As for the food I can't really comment because I didn't eat much but EVERYONE said it was absolutely delicious. For those of you who are still choosing the menu, go with the the Lukes Warm Half Baked Dark Chocolate Fondant for dessert. It was probably the best thing I've ever had! I had hair and makeup included in the package at the resort spa and they were also phenomenal. It was what it felt like 200 F and my makeup was still perfect when I went to bed. We didn't have a cocktail hour included but in between the ceremony and reception, while we were taking pics, our guests gathered in the lobby bar with a much appreciated air conditioning. Remember that everything is included in the hotel, so while at the bar our guests were drinking, eating and having fun! Anyway, my only regret was not extending our reception. Even though after ours we all went to the resort's club - Club Jaguar, and had a blast. I can't think of anything else right now to tell you guys but if anyone would like to chat, I'm here!
  2. Hello everyone! I had my wedding at the Barceló on July 18th. My ceremony was at the gazebo and the reception at Coral Beach, both at the Palace. My husband and I went with the Strawberry Package and my wedding coordinator was Estrella, who by the way is awesome! Everything was perfect and if I could change anything I would have added more time to the reception. As everyone always says, it went by too quickly! We had a total of 31 people, and everybody had a great time. If anyone has any questions I would be more than happy to help! I'm attaching some pictures so you guys have an idea of how my wedding was set up.
  3. @@NurseNurse0101 Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It is a relief to see that in the end everything works out! Our WC was also originally Marlene but she assigned us to Estrella and from your review that was the best thing that could've happened!
  4. Hello ladies! Any of you also getting married next July? My big day is July 18th, 2015, and I know there's another wedding there that day. Just wondering if maybe the other bride is also a part of this forum.
  5. Hey NurseNurse0101.. Which airline is it that offer this free cocktail hour?
  6. This is a review of:

    Disco Movil DJs

    No complaints!

    Pros: Great price, great communication, great service!
    I've just returned from my "weddingmoon" at the Barceló Maya Palace. My wedding was held at the Coral beach and Ricardo was there to be the MC/DJ. He was great! Very professional and very good at his job. I had requested previous to the wedding a long list of songs I would like to be played and he played them all. I really have no complaints and would recommend his services to everyone!
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