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  1. @@racht33, I also extended my reception to 4 hours. Tell her that you want to cancel the cocktail hour and ask her what would the price be for the guests over 20. See what she says. That was a deciding factor for us .
  2. @@danni I didn't. I had her and she typically responded within 3 days. Resend the email.
  3. @@racht33 I only paid an additional $15 per person for my additional guests as we cancelled the cocktail hour.
  4. I was unable to copy and paste my review. Here it is attached. I hope it helps. Revie.docx
  5. @@smileitseb Thank you so much. Your review is excellent. It answered every question that I have. Congratulations and thank you again for sharing this with us. May God bless your marriage.
  6. @@Dec2015 you can take fake flowers. You can't bring real flowers into the states.
  7. @@smileitseb Congratulations! I can't wait to hear and see some pictures. I have to hear about makeup.
  8. Morning, for any of our brides who have already gotten married at Dreams, any recommendations for activities outside of the resort?
  9. @@smileitseb good luck with everything. I know that your wedding will be very beautiful and everything you planned it to be. Remember to enjoy the moments. I can't wait for pictures and your review.
  10. @@smileitseb that is a good idea. I was planning to only take off the day before we leave. not looking good at this time
  11. @@phdtck1 I plan to print out everything. Every bit of correspondence between myself and the resort and my travel agent. I am also going to write out some notes to have handy. I don't want any mess. @@smileitseb that is awesome! it all worked out. Happy for you. I can't wait to see your pictures. You are going to be one beautiful bride.
  12. @@smileitseb amazon sells the fake candles and so does Target I think. Let me check for you,. @@smileitseb Target has the flameless votives for $9.99 for a dozen. Walmart has 48 for $28 amazon has 24 for $12.75 good luck hun
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