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  1. I am looking for a good artist to do my hair and makeup for my big day in June. We are getting married in Tamarindo, but i am willing to pay the travel fee for the right person. Any feedback is much appreciated
  2. Thanks Ladies!!! Also, forgot to add, both dresses are super light. They are from the same designer (Watters) and made from 100%silk and organza. I find it easy to move around in both.. The second one seems to have a longer train which would need to be bustled i presume. Dress# 1 also remind me a bit of the waves because of the ruffles, so thats why i was attracted to it. Dress # 2, seem to be a bit more traditional. Based on my personality and etc. i think, i am more dress# 1 type of a gal. The dress is more fun and flirty. My wedding is more of a rustic feel wedding. I was just concerned more about which fit suits my body best. I am not exactly hourglass figure and wanted to make sure i still can pull of this dress! I guess im just a bit indecisive these days Than you all!
  3. Hello ladies! I am in a need of honest opinions here please! I am getting married next year in beautiful Costa Rica on the beach !!! Something i always dreamed about The dress i would want needs to be light and airy and beach appropriate! I found 2 beautiful gowns, both by Watters ! As with any other bride, i want to look my very best on my wedding day and look amazing for the pictures ! I am trying to figure out which dress is best for my body and flatters me the most considering all other factors. Here are pictures of dress# 1. FYI- It needs to be taken in bust, tummy and perhaps hips? Also, i am fixing the neckline to be more of a "sweetheart" and getting rid of that floppy material, so take all that into the account! Also the belt is optional! Belt or NO belt? Dress# 2, also needs alterations. FYI- dress # 1 is with a long flowy train and dress 2 is more traditional A style gown. I appreciate some honest feedback! thank you!!!
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