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  1. Preferred club is way nicer. Private pool and bar is the best advantage because it's easier for the large group to have a central spot where everyone could get chairs. Also private beach for the same reason. Also easier to communicate with people bc everyone has the free wifi. If not, idk that everyone would spend $7 a day.
  2. @@Mandiesue no, just symbolic. Will get legally married right before we leave in secret
  3. @@Mandiesue one thing I didn't realize is that it will cost at least $100 for an officent if you aren't bringing your own or getting a priest
  4. @@Nursejazz thank you for such a great detailed review!! A few question...Rehersal...did Yanna organize this and tell you all what to do? What time did your bonfire start? Did people eat dinner before or after? What games did you play on the beach? For the DJ..did you get charged the vendor fee per person in their staff or just total $150?
  5. Some of the earlier posts said that they brought all the lights and they hung them for free. I'm going to ask her next week when I'm there so I can let you know!
  6. @@neliruz do you think they could do desserts instead of apps? A smores set up could be cute!
  7. Oh ok, that's smart! Do you know if we have an actual rehearsal the night before?
  8. What time do you have the welcome party with cocktails and bonfire? Is it pre or post dinner time?
  9. Has anyone figured out table seatings with them yet? I've seen pictures of round tables that hold 8-10 people and large rectangular tables that look to hold 20. I'm have 45 guests so I want wait and see how many tables I have until I figure out arrangements. Also, are you guys doing table seating?
  10. Yes, I asked Yann about coral, teal and fusia. They have them all and said they can get any other color you want as well. I don't know anything about the decorations though. Seems like alot of people bring them.
  11. What is everyone doing for favors? Thinking of doing Chinese lanterns! They are only $1-2 each and could be a great way to end the wedding. Also thinking of making a sign like this and putting them all in a basket. Then just have a small card to place on the charger explaining the favor. https://www.etsy.com/listing/190176635/handwritten-20x24-sky-lanterns-sign?utm_source=google&utm_medium=product_listing_promoted&utm_campaign=weddings-decoration-low&gclid=CjwKEAjwl7ieBRCK2rCtqcCS7jESJACZKQFKk64-CB4qNjkDwfI78DfBzuCdid1WLGXUoczo-9GBGBoCqPXw_wcB
  12. Love the stickers and the idea! It really saves on the cost. I couldnt find anything nice under $8 each before tax and shipping. My only concern is that people will get them mixed up if I dont have them personalized with their names. What did you think? @@MJTK - https://www.etsy.com/listing/114869339/48-25-inch-custom-glossy-waterproof?ref=favs_view_2
  13. I just friended you on facebook also so I can see your pictures!
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