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  1. I've been sent these prices for additional costs. Hope it helps.
  2. Hey, I have the ultimate package and get a few photo included. Anyone know or recommend any other photographers? I'm 3rd July 2015.
  3. Hey! I am having a small wedding of 11 people and I am not having a DJ/ MC or dance floor - it would be rather silly with only 11 of us. I am just going to have my reception meal either in the gardens / beach and have a small docking station / speakers with background music and also first dances or so on it. I'm pretty chilled about it all and will grab a quick change and our party if we want will head to the disco for a boogie x
  4. Chinese lanterns are great idea! This is so annoying that I can't see the pictures x
  5. Yeh thanks...that is defo one thing I did know. Others I didn't know until lately were...the 50 photos are only of the ceremony - really can't imagine I would need 50 of only a ceremony anyway will defo be upgrading this. There seems to be a charge to have a symbolic wedding, even though this is in my package? This would be a good for ideas. My email is lyndasmith434@hotmail.com I am still unsure if I will be using the hair and make up package in the dreams package as my aunt is coming with us and this is her profession...At least all my guests will have awesome hair and makeup *ticks box* x
  6. We are having a symbolic one. We have legally getting married the day before our departure back here in Scotland but not making a big deal of it as our wedding day will be in DR. I've heard marriage certificates etc can be a nightmare and all the legalities are just so expensive so we've cut it all out. How about you? Do you know how your wedding day will flow? Who is your coordinator? x
  7. Awww how lovely <3 I already can't wait, reading all these posts makes it even more exciting
  8. haha yes of course you can watch We arrive on 29th June '15. I wasn't planning on having a DJ / dancefloor etc, as there are only 11 of us (very close family) i think it would look pretty silly we were just going to have the ceremony around 5 / photos at sunset and additional ones (extra charges)/ cocktail hour / food / have a change of clothing and then head out for some drinks at the hotel. How low maintenance am I? haha no need for any big binders although seeing as I am not stressing out I definitely feel I am missing a huge part that will need arranging. x
  9. Oh WOW...how exciting! You are much more organised than I am...I haven't even considered any of that, honestly I think I am expecting to just turn up and everything will be in place Have you taken a Dreams package? anything you think i should consider. Lynda x
  10. Hey Everyone, I "stumbled" across this site and forum whilst googling the old faithful "weddings in DR", "Weddings at DLR" and all I can say is woohoo this forum is great. You all seem to be answering most of the uncertainties I am experiencing. We have booked our wedding at DLR for Fri 3rd July 2015, garden gazebo and have purchased the ultimate package as I am hoping to just get as much included in the package as possible. I have been in touch with Pirosca who is my wedding coordinator and in the last few emails everything still seems to be additional £$£$£.I am pretty low maintenance (i think) and there is only 11 of us going out (all the way from Scotland) so I'd like a very intimate wedding but don't want to arrive and end up having to spend a ridiculous amount of money when I could've taken things over. Does anyone know what isn't included in the ultimate package that i should be aware of and should purchased? or that I should be careful off? Any help or advice will be great. Lynda
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