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  1. <p>Thanks Gals. I've narrowed my choices, only boxes and magnets. I still prefer something that ppl can use later and remember my wedding. Boxes look more formal and magnets are easy to prepare. </p>
  2. <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>Do you know where are the weddings in the pictures, or any place looks similar? Will have a wedding of 100 guests. The only thing I know is that they are in California. Thank you~</p> <p> </p> <p> </p>
  3. I just had a conversation with my bridesmaids about it too!!!!! how about these. I am thinking about the second with some Q&A: Beanbag. Yes, it is not sandbag. This classic beanbag game can easily be DIYed for your wedding; add your silhouettes or monograms, or get a set in your wedding colors. http://www.fotavo.com/photos/photo3XK5yw4la8912mpTcSMgoNvWU6hID70CuVLizdRA Flip cup ~Start off this drinking game with a round of boys vs. girls: the groom and the groomsmen against the bride and bridesmaids! Then, open it up to the rest of the guests. http://www.fotavo.com/photos/photodo9lZ0ED8LUk5Gn1m23NYuxieMsXQCvjcBJtFhTp I like the game because it is much like a group game that can cheer up the whole guests.
  4. @@TinkerSofi, the wooden boxes are the most expensive while the most vintage. One thing I am worried about DIYing it is that I have no idea how to stick the words on the boxes.
  5. Thanks, @@DavidSmith. I like the wooden box too. And also thinking abt the flower magnets. Why do you like it the most? Im a bit afraid to make choices...lol...
  6. Happy Holiday~~ I have come across some really cute ideas of wedding favors. I will choose one to DIY this week with the help of my mom and my sister, so I need your advice on WHICH is your favorite favor. I will post my invites later when I finish the project. Figures crossed ~~~Thank You! http://www.fotavo.com/photos/photoFgWpjydEqGv4hAcXJwx7DUSMIVno9kBmPrlit8Qu http://www.fotavo.com/photos/photozwkRQSxcvtNqGa2fY1TgFBJ6K0DuiP9EHpCyZnhM http://www.fotavo.com/photos/photobwg7NsDVQPOtovEXkLUfYlJ3jKeMBCGcq9hzn86R http://www.fotavo.com/photos/photohTUDt0G2jKrEcCHQnv715OeuRoBqmyAINgsYzFd9 http://www.fotavo.com/photos/photoJRiUxshYFBCc87jLzHKXDWPM0r5G3Avkb2IVQn4f
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