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  1. Hi...i tried to reply by email not sure if u got it? Here is the company email with the sparklers....they were hard to light all at once but we did our best...it would be good if u had it organized. Not sure how long they were but i paid $2 / sparkler. Info@specialeventsmexico.com -his name is Hugo
  2. I ended up doing a sparkler send off at the end of the reception...found a place after months of research that was cheaper than the resort and they delivered them right to me in the lobby. not sure about sky lanterns I didn't see them once while I was there.
  3. hey ladies...we just returned last week from or wedding april 14th... id luv to pay it forward and answer any questions as I had some help with mine! our wedding turned out great for the most part..great weather, beautiful resort.I was disappointed in the beach which I kind of was expecting but hopeful it would surprise me haha, they do a lot of weddings here and I felt like just a number the next day when I went to the wedding office to get my stuff, they hardly even made eye contact with me and didn't really care about finding my stuff either, oh well, the communication the whole time was horrible (which I think is very common for us brides)...when we got there it was better. my wc maria seemed to understand everything I wanted (I sent multiple emails to confirm little details and also printed it out for her to give her when I got there)....she did drop the ball with a few minor things...but things that mattered to me...ex. seaweed on the beach, fuschia bows on the gazebo, she lost some of my wedding stuff that I wanted to take home, the bride and groom entrance song was wrong.. which was the technicians fault too I guess, she didn't communicate well about times etc, which in turn made us late about 30 minutes and ended with a kind of rushed photo session... anyways...im here to answer any questions if have any.....we upgraded the sunset pkg to the lobby terrace (since we were only doing a symbolic ceremony and the next pkg higher includes a legal ceremony which is way more expensive...we had 23 adults and 3 kids so they just charged accordingly to the 20 adults that was included in the sunset pkg...so I guess it depends on what type of ceremony ur doing and how many people u want. but im glad I did it that way, saved some cash too... hey ladies... hi not sure if my post went thru...
  4. well this is my 4th or 5th wedding coordinator in just 6/7 months so who knows whats going on...lol. frustrating tho cuz I just want simple answers etc... we were looking to do some Mexican wedding cookies with our mini patron bottle favors and maria was supposed to let me know if she found a place that makes them (even tho I know its basically a pecan puff lol)...but little things like confirming times so I can print my itineraries, getting excursion info etc. oh well hopefully she gets back to me soon! does anyone know where to find sparklers for a decent price in cancn/mayan area? im determined to do a sparkler send off at the end of the reception...I know theres a Walmart and Costco...so I may end up calling there...I also read that maybe the "mercados"..party stores might sell them.... let me know if anyone knows more info....
  5. nice congrats u must be excited... im 3 months away and excited nervous and so much more! keep thinking am I forgetting anything.. oh well im sure that's normal. I think im gonna try and request litzy... i don't really have a back up plan yet. r u using the on site video/photographers? what about ur ceremony/reception?...did they send u the menu etc?..
  6. Hi ladies...well im 3 months away from our big day, getting excited! has anyone heard from maria? ive been waiting another 2 weeks to hear back from her!...driving me crazy...cuz I have so many questions to confirm times etc for my itineraries... also, has anyone had a good experience with their salon/make up? its my only choice and I thought I heard that Litzy was good...?
  7. Has anyone found an outside photographer/videographer that is a good price including outside vendor fee?
  8. Hi, does anyone have information on outside photographer/videographer? Looking for a similar or better price/package than what the resort is offering. ..including the outside vendor fee....any ideas would help...
  9. Hey I just emailed u. So did u use the resort photography/videography? Hair? Makeup? Did u get married on the beach? Ours is beach ceremony then private reception on terrace....just looking to get more information...
  10. That's a good idea! I saw them at the liquor store, so where did u print the template at? I thought I'd have to do tags attached but I like that idea too...I work at vistaprint so I wonder if there's a way to print something up there...
  11. Hey, did anyone ever find out about the little tequila bottles? We wanted to do that too...along with the traditional wedding cookies. Also, any opinions on the resorts photography/videography, hair/makeup?
  12. Hey ladies, April 14,2015 is our date at Oct! After the stress of choosing the resort, booking with the resort and travel agent...now I'm just waiting and hoping people book it fast so they get on our flight ...next will be dress shopping for me! Tomorrow! So exciting. Actually, I have to get my invitations too! This week...now that I have everything booked I can make them. Did anyone send out emails/facebook just to notify everyone of travel agent information before sending the invitations? Thinking of a save the date kind of message just so they can book cuz it will be a few weeks probably before they get my invitations in the mail...any suggestions? Or just do invitations?
  13. Does anyone know if iberostar del mar is near oct ? And are we able to extend our reception for an hour? Charge? Daniel said I can bring my own decorations...are they gonna charge me to put them up? Or do we have to ?
  14. Thank, I tried Daniels email and he responded quick! Does anyone have any input on the beach there?? I have seen the seaweed pics and some local photographers said the water could be blue green brown depending on day and cuz the coral reef and more sea life in the water.... I'm stressing I will be disappointed cuz I want the beautiful turquoise water with no seaweed! ... Other than that everything is perfect...I'm thinking if its disappointing, is there another close by beach we could drive to and do wedding pics there in between the ceremony and reception...?...any ideas?
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