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  1. Sorry we were a party of 45/46 can't rember lol. I gave her artificial orange\pink petals to put as an aisle runner but your not aloud them due to wild life.. It was a complete surprise to see these petals down when I got there but nice touch, so no I didn't pay or request them! Yes white fabric was $90 .. I had the extravaganza package.. $3170 11 extra guests for the dinner (Didn't have to pay for kids 5 and under) was $420. 4x bridesmaid bouquet $144, 6x buttonholes $66, 2x flower sprays for wedding location $128, crown of roses for flower girl $45 and $48 for 3 corsages for our mothers =$431.. As I said national bar which is free and DJ cost $420.. White fabric cost $90.. I also rented 5 vases at $2 each so I could use the bouquets as centre pieces on tables at restaurants for the wedding dinner and mine on the front table with cake and photos candles etc.. Chandelier $300 The total wedding cost was $4,841 USD. Hope this all helps xxx
  2. Thank you guys.. Loved every minute of it.. Was better than I could ever imagine!! The chandelier was by far my favourite decoration.. I rented it from the hotel.. I was the first to use it I believe. The cost was $300 but well worth it as it looked beautiful in the location and looks amazing in the photos!! As for photos we went with the basic package from tropic one studio which included photos/ video coverage from the ceremony to the end of cocktail hour and gave you 20 extra photos and it cost $700 again very much worth it video is beautiful and I will post link to the pictures.. We had 55 in total with the wedding package and photography package and any over that cost $15 extra. We choose 66 but had a family member take lots of other pics.. I will post a link in the next reply! The other decorations were.. Drapes on the structure in white $90, flowers either side $140/160 each but used them at the pool party aswell. Chairs sashes were either including because they are White so no extra or $5 each if you wanted a different colour?? The pool party was the wedding day maker.. Everyone said how much they enjoyed it.. The bar was free as I had the domestic/local one which was more than enough as everyone liked at least one drink as the done lager/ shorts and cocktails such as piña coladas/ daiquiris and the DJ cost $210 an our.. Everything else was included.. So the pool party was only $420 and was worth it. (I've noticed a few of you talking about paying to privatise the pool party area.. There really is no need as its a distance from any of the bars etc and everyone knows that its a wedding so wouldn't join in.. We had some people just walk past and that was fine) We met with leti on the second day of the holiday and had our blood tests done on the same day with the doctor in the hacienda at $90 or $95 each. I had my dress ironed with the hotel before the wedding, they came and picked it up from my parents room and returned it on the day of the wedding to my room and it cost $25!! Also the shirts for something like $5 a shirt. The only thing I will say is my wedding guests wanted flowers to wear so I done a list with their wishes on and gave the list to one of the coordinators as leti was off and only 1/4 of them were delivered.. So please make sure that if you want to do this the they do get ordered!! Here's some pics of the pool party.. It was located opposite side of the pool to the lobby bar.. Any more questions please feel free to ask! ☺️ Naomi xx Heres the link to our photos from the hotel photographer.. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B0UpaXEuqQjSdERZRzQ4NFU1dFE&usp=sharing Xx
  3. Just got back from an amazing two weeks at GBP tulum.. Our wedding day was on 18.09.2015!! Everything went well... Here are some photos!! We had a legal ceremony at tulum beach front at 2:30 Cocktails and canapés 3/4pm Refreshments drinks at lobby 4/5:45 Dinner at la gran tortuga 6/7:45 Pool side party at main tulum pool 8/10 Then went onto the hacienda!! Was perfect ???? xxx
  4. Does the hotel rent out fabric for the chairs/ decoration at the wedding ceremony or do I have to bring it with me?xx
  5. Hi was woundering if anyone has had or seen it at GBP riviera maya at any location, a chandelier as decoration on the chuppah? Also can the hotel put a chuppah on the Tulum beach location site? Thank you x
  6. Hi I've been waiting to hear back from wedding coordinator with prices but no luck, my weddings booked I was just woundering: How much is it for the private pool side party with resort dj for 3 hours? My partners parents are divorced and remarried so we have 3 sets of parents, do they honour this with the parental privileges? Anyone got the prices for the flowers I would need 4 more bouquets and 5 more buttonholes and something for flower girl? Also flowers for the wedding site? Did anyone use bouquets as table decoration at wedding dinner? Also what if guests wanted to purchase flowers? Has anyone got photos of the Tulum beach wedding location? Hope you can help xxx
  7. Does anyone know if I can upgrade to the Sian Kaan after my wedding and at what extra cost? I'm booked in at the Tulum for 10th/24th would love to stay at Sian Kaan from my wedding night 18th/24th as a little honeymoon thing cos my other half won't have any annual leave other than this one for the whole year want to make sure it's special? Xx
  8. Was the tent set up in the day for the ceremony or evening for their reception dinner? We booked the holiday first though the travel agents, we then booked the wedding through the hotel itself because it worked out much cheaper the lowest package was something like £609 but we would have to pay the judge fees and blood tests on top so was working around the same price for the next package up with the hotel cos you don't have to pay judge fees because they are included in package price and the blood test are cheaper? Strange??! Guess thomas cook were making money off the packages. But we had to give our booking dates etc before receiving a date for the wedding I'm getting asked a lot by friends and family who will do my hair and make up? I'm not a big fan of make up very minimal .. But the sound of the reasort salon is putting me off a little.. So was wondering if any has or thought of popping into playa del carmen to have their make up done? I was thinking perhaps seeing if I could get it done in MAC or in the department store where they sell perfume/ make up? No need to worry about my hair as my MIL to be is a hairdresser.. X
  9. This? I may not be correct? Thought I read that on here? ???? naomi
  10. Our wedding is all booked... 18th September 2015 at 3pm My coordinator told me to email in January with other requests. I think I'm going to request to get married at the new Tulum location. Would also like to have wedding dinner at the Brazilian Restaurant (Mixed Grill Place) I think it's by the gazebo? Does anyone know the correct name for this restaurant? Is the new Tulum wedding site far from it? I will also be booking pool side reception for evening with music etc.. If I choose the cheaper option drinks will they be upgraded same as in the day thats been previously mentioned? I'm thinking of keeping with the resort photographer just to keep costs down? But if a bride who is near my date wants to share a cost of photographer I would be interested. Ijust want my cake to be a simple two tier.. And then have my own topper and ribbon/diamond band put around the middle? Would the chef/wedding coordinator do this? Does anyone know the cost of flowers on the wedding location? Sorry for lost of questions and if they have already been asked.. x
  11. How do I know if the wedding dates etc are available when I book it with the travel agents? Did you do a big group booking with everyone on it or have your guests to book individually? X
  12. Hi everyone, just decided on getting married here in September 2015, I've emailed about available dates to see what dates we could do but yet to get a reply? Anyone have an idea if there somewhere I can look online? How did everyone go about booking the wedding, did you go through GBP or a Travel Agent, find it hard reading the threads being a UK bride trying to find information from people in the UK to relate to. I've stayed here 2/3years ago and loved it, think we will stay in the Coba. What locations are there to have a wedding on the beach? Would like to have the reception dinner at the steak house, how far in advance can you reserve this for abou 40/50 guests! Also what is the price per head once you use your wedding package dinners, say we need to pay for another 30 guest how much would it be? Thank you in Advance xx
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