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  1. Hello everyone! I cant talk too long as Im still in Mexico...but we had our wedding a few days ago and just left today... I have to say they did an AMAZING job and everything couldnt have gone more smoother! Honestly, dont freak out if nobody gets back to you. When they meet with you, they go over everything and just bring any wedding materials to the meeting you want them to use i didnt bring anything as i already had too much luggage and it was still amazing! Originally, we booked the photographer for the basic bronze package...but he was amazing and ended up upgrading our package quite a bit...and am suuuuper happy we had that option!! Also dont worry about hearing back from different people, I always saw different people on the computer but they all must be on the same page Anyways Merry Christmas everyone!
  2. Hello everyone! My wedding is in less than 3 weeks away! Kind of getting nervous...But I'm sure everything will turn out just fine! Did anyone book with the resort photographer? I was just going to use our 2 family members who are professional photographers, but I would like to possibly book for the ceremony so my family members can enjoy If anyone has any photos they could possibly private message me so I can take a look, it would be very appreciated!! Also if anyone else has any little tips they would like to give me, I would love it! Thanks a lot
  3. So weird that people are having a tough time getting a hold of them at the resort ... I have heard back from our new planner and usually takes no more than 2 days to respond. Maybe they are just dealing with the weddings that are coming up before the ones that are taking place in the New Year?? I only have another month to go!! Eeek!
  4. I know! He was a lot better than our first planner, Ana. Ours is December 16th .. its coming up so fast! I hope someone responds, hopefully Daniel if he hasn't left yet!
  5. That's the 2nd wedding planner we have gone through so far... Ughh.. I just e-mailed Daniel yesterday with my finalized Wedding Guest List & Checklist, so hopefully someone gets back to me to let me know what is happening over there. I wonder why they go through so many?? Doesn't look too good on the resort's behalf lol
  6. Hello Brides!! I was wondering if anyone dealt with the spa on their vacation, especially with doing group bookings? I was thinking of getting all of my bridesmaids a gift certificate there for a spa day probably the day before the wedding...Not sure if they are overly priced, or I could possibly get a deal if I book my 5 bridesmaids and me?? Thanks!
  7. @@JustynaB - Thanks for the info! Exciting at least there is something open late!!
  8. @@BeeJewell - Thanks for the info!! I hope the place doesn't shut down after 10pm though @@aborgesbride - I did receive all the wedding info from them as soon as I booked the wedding (photography, menu, ect).... Also, I e-mailed them yesterday and already got a response from Daniel with him apologizing that it had taken so long to get a reply .. I think they might be trying to respond more frequently now by the sounds of it! I dont think I will fill out anything until maybe a month before the wedding
  9. Hi everyone! I've been following this thread for a little while, and thought it was time to post with a few questions of my own I am getting married this December at OC&T .. it's coming up pretty quick! We have our ceremony and reception all booked, but it's taking me a while to get any response from the wedding coordinators.. Hopefully I will hear from them soon! Is there anyone else having their wedding here in December? Does anybody know if guests need a credit card upon checking in? A couple of my guests dont have credit cards, so it would be nice to know in advance... Also, how is the night life at the resort? We're not too crazy of partiers, but it would be nice to know if there is a disco or anything open late at night...My fiance and I were in Manzanillo in February, and they had a disco open until 2am every night.. it was great to go and dance and meet people! Did anyone get the chance to head out to the town of Puerto Morelos? or even Playa del Carmen? We want to check out the ziplining, or go ATVing if anyone has any recommendations on where to go, that would be great! If anyone could help with some of my questions, that would be great!! Thanks so much! Megan
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