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  1. You can do a slideshow but you have to pay extra for the projector. If you are using an outside DJ I would recommend asking them, since you can negotiate the prices more. We were married at Castaways 11/7/14 and used Dean Sanderson, we paid I think about $3900 for 8hrs and a TTD, and our photos are incredible and Dean was great to work with, he really knows what he is doing especially with the TTD. I used the guitarist for the cocktail hour and it was perfect. I also thought it may have been a waste to pay for the Divine, but we had 62 people and a la carte would have cost more. We used the included photographer for a Welcome Cocktail we did the night before the wedding in the lobby and it worked out great and we got a book of the photos that were also included, and the videographer came for the ceremony and the video all turned out nice. Everything really turns out amazing.
  2. My photographer said the makeup that comes out of the resort spas tends to be heavy and cakey. He suggested stylingtrio http://stylingtrio.com/, they use airbrush makeup and do a great job. I also have contacted MVP. The only issue I had is MVP has a minimum 2 guests and the bride, and my girls only wanted hair done so we got our hair done at the spa and everyone was happy. And stylingtrio was a bit pricey for what I was willing to pay plus you have to pay the vendor fee. My hair looked amazing from the resort spa. and I did my own makeup.
  3. Ahhh, same here! I have almost everything done, but can't get rid of the feeling I am forgetting something!
  4. Hi ladies, so for my centerpieces I plan on using three cylinder floating candle vases (3 different heights) filled with water and green sea glass on the bottom (our colors are coral and mint green, but the sea glass is pretty close). Let me know if any future brides (post November 7th) are interested in this and I would love to leave these at the resort for you to use, and save me the hassle of having to bring them back with me. I am having 60 people. So I am bringing 24, but have 36 if someone needs more. Here are the websites I used to purchase the centerpieces so you can get a visual. I can't figure out how to upload a photo to show what it looks like together. http://www.afloral.com/Floral-Supplies/Vase-Filler/Sea-Glass-in-Green-46-oz-Per-Container - Sea Glass http://www.quickcandles.com/Cylinder-Floating-Candle-Vase-Set-of-36-p/cylinderfl_set_36.htm - Vases
  5. Who did you book the party boat with? We were thinking of setting something like that up for the day after the wedding.
  6. She should be able to provide this for you, it is labeled Wedding Contract, I just know we didn't receive it from Pilar until I started asking a bunch of questions. it just breaks down your package and extras that you are getting. I'd try asking for it, it was very helpful for budgeting.
  7. It is probably too early for you to have received the wedding contract, which breaks down the prices for everything. Pilar sent it to me a few months ago and I am getting marred Nov. 7th.
  8. Mine said $65 too. But I really don't think she can raise it since the wedding contract shows the $65.
  9. I'm using Dean Sanderson, he only uses more than one photographer if you request it, but typically works alone. If you want another photographer to research. He was much cheaper than Del Sol but had the same quality work.
  10. For photographers, you do not pay the outside vendor fee. You just pay for the day pass, it was $65 but i think they raised it to $150. Either way, less than the $350 vendor fee.
  11. I am right there with you! I have not thought about packing! Feel very behind!
  12. Disco Movil wasn't available on our date, but I had him refer us someone to use. I'll see if he can add lighting, we go the cold fireworks, thanks!
  13. Have any past brides or are any future brides using the uplighting? Our reception is at Castaways and Pilar recommended the uplighting extra but it will cost approx. $400 with tax. Is it worth it? Thoughts?
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