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  1. @@llimaa this is the link to a company I am using. I know this is a uk based company but they may have something similar in Canada?? http://www.emptybox.co.uk/products/wedding-dress-boxes/ LeeAnne
  2. @@Dreamteam17 Thanks I will check them out. I am just a little bit concerned we will be hit with a big fee as the hotel pretty much tell you that local vendors are not allowed in!. If the other bride is doing it I will just go for it as it is important. . If I find out vendor fee any time soon I will let you know. Happy planning! x
  3. Hoping some1 can help me!.. Has there been any brides married recently that has brought in local makeup/hair artists??. If so how much was the vendor fee?. As I am a makeup/hair artist myself I would like to be in good hands on my day and would be too much to travel outwith the hotel to a local salon!. There is the possibility I could do my own but I would love to relax and I could be really nervous on the day!. My makeup artist friend is unable to attend and I am starting to get worried I may have to get myself & bridesmaids hair/makeup done in the hotel salon. LeeAnne @@Dreamteam17 where are you getting your hair & makeup done? x
  4. Dreamteam17 I am so happy you brought this up!!. As you know I am 4 months also & only have my day/time of wedding set!. I have so many things I need to know but proving difficult to get any answers ???? Want to know what options I have on the day, let's hope our wedding coordinators get in touch soon!! LeeAnne
  5. I am wondering if anyone can help me.... I am needing some names of photographers that I can either pay in for the day to the resort or even fly in for 1/2 nights - whichever works out cheaper. The packages they offer will have to be reasonably priced too. As I am from Scotland it is proving difficult to locate any photographers that I can contact for prices etc... Any help will be much appreciated!! LeeAnne x
  6. Hello, Does anybody know the minimum number of days I could fly a photographer in to stay as 1 of my guests??. Is it possible to have them stay as short as 2-4 days?. Apologies if this information has previously been added!! LeeAnne x
  7. @Dreamteam (sorry I do not know how to tag you yet!!) That is a great idea. Is that US Dollars? does that include accommodation? and I am sure there may be a fee we have to pay also for the photographer to come into resort? I would have to go away and think about it as it is still pretty expensive to do! Would it be possible that you could give me the name of photographer so that I can check out their work. But yeah this could really pay off for us if I can afford it!! Leeanne x Ahh excuse me I have just looked back over your message and seen the photographers name!! :-) x
  8. Thanks for that, I think I will prob do te makeup on my own.. Should hopefully not need too much anyway if we have a good tan! I'm pretty sure the salon will be ok for the hair, will definitely take pictures along.. So you are a photographer Trisha? I take it you live close to the resort? If so I am interested in getting a quote for my day. LeeAnne x
  9. Sounds lovely Dreamteam17!! I need to start thinking on what I need maybe take with me too! Bit concerned about the hair/makeup to be honest (not heard good reports).. I am a makeup artist and there is always the option of me doing it myself but would like to relax on the day! I think I will enquire about getting some creative's from outside the resort to assist us as I see this is possible?? Happy planning and you never know I may see you there!! x
  10. @TIseege thank you for that! So this a area is not far from the Tulum accommodation? I love the fact that it looks a little bit more secluded here. I will def be enquiring about this area. Sorry 1 last question - which restaurant would you recommend for roughly 30 or less guests that has a good view of the beach/ocean? And we can possibly have a private area to ourselves? Thank you again for the reply! LeeAnne
  11. Dreamteam17 you are getting married the day before me!! I am still trying to decide whether to go for the Tulum or Akumal area for the ceremony! I had my heart set on a beach wedding but the Gazebo looks lovely too!. I still have to do a lot of research on dinner options and look into the poolside ceremony. Trisha you are fantastic and have helped me out massively!! As I really like the idea of the beach ceremony, can anybody recommend the best spot out of Tulum and Akumal?? Thanks LeeAnne
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