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  1. I'm reaching out in desperate help for our upcoming wedding at Grand Solmar Land's End this April. Are there any other recent Grand Solmar Brides or upcoming brides out there? The wedding coordinator just send us photos of the gazebo/VIP/wedding area and it's completely under construction! We were originally told the pool had minor filtration issues, but were promised the damage was minimal (in November) and that the area would be perfectly fine by April. Fast forward to this week, we were shocked to see all of the cranes, huge construction walls (this would be the "isle" I walk down), and new, unplanned buildings that are now being built in the wedding area. The wedding coordinator is now telling us the area won't be complete until late July, yet they want to move forward with our wedding in April....area as is I feel very mislead of not only the damage, but the timelines promised to us months ago so we wouldn't change our venue, and the lack of communication about entirely new construction occurring outside of what was damaged in the hurricane to the wedding area. I just wanted to see if anyone else is dealing with this or if anyone has any suggestions. It's been incredible stressful for us and we are out of ideas of what to do. Thanks in advance!!
  2. Hello ladies! Newbie here. Was just wondering how your experience was working with Grand Solmar Land's End. I'm looking at having my wedding there in Spring 2015, but haven't been able to find anyone who has been married there. We have stayed at Playa Grande before and like the location, so Grand Solmar seems like a good option for us. We are hoping for some feedback from people who have gotten married there. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!!