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  1. My travel agent is amazing! She takes full initiative to contact them and sees it as part of her job to ensure I get the answers I need. But even then, it takes awhile - 2-3 weeks sometimes. I initially got fed up and asked her for the manager's contact info as they have very vague email adresses at EPM. But she wanted to handle it herself and I let her since she has built relationships with people at the resort. Plus, she would probably handle it better than I It's pathetic but now any time I need to hear from Andrea, I have to ask my travel agent to bug whoever it is over there and we eventually get an answer. But they will answer your email but forget to attach an info doc, or send the wrong one, or not answer some of yoru questions and you have to go through the whole process again. If my agent wasn't so amazing, I don't know where I would be! Planning a wedding at EPM is not for the faint of heart, the impatient, or the perfectionist - I will definitely say that much. I consider myself middle ground as far as laid back and structured! Well you are an amazing sister! She is paying for your stay, yes?? JK! Did they send you the legal ceremony doc? We are having symbolic but I have the legal flyer if you need it.
  2. Hi - you are an amazing sister to plan her wedding for her!! WOW! I have had the same problem with no communication with Andrea and it has been a major problem for the duration of our planning. We are getting married May 20 and leave May 15 so it is getting down to the wire. I am just now getting questions answered and it does take about two weeks on average. My travel agent always has to get involved in order to get a reply and her manager had to speak to EPM's manager, etc. - it has been a real hassle and extrememly dissapointing - as well as completely unacceptable for a resort like this. As for the package - it says in their wedding packet that you can download off their website but it is standard for everyone that if you book a certain number of nights in a certain room category, you get their very basic Excellence of Love package ($850) for free. So if you do the Gold package, you pay the difference of the two. $2500 - $850. If you booked through a travel agent, often they do a group package deal as well. Good luck!! PS. To Andrea's defense, she often does up to eight events a day - often 3 weddings a day. So I don't think she intentionally tries to ignore her emails. She seriously sounds completely overworked. They need to desperately hire more event planners and assistants. They can't expect her to do all that but they also shouldn't expect their customers to just understand and accept such chaos. A resort like this can certainly afford to properly staff their wedding dept so we are definitely speaking to the manager about this when we get there!
  3. Hi ladies - Congrats on your very close weddings! The excitement must be sky-high by now I am getting married May 20th and have had a very difficult time trying to communicate and get information from Andrea. Does anyone have a copy of the following that they would be willing to email to me? 1. Complete Gold Wedding package info packet (or any info packet that has more info than the basic one posted online) 2. A/V list and pricing 3. Updated brochure/pics of the flowers; gazebo flowers and additional items they offer She keeps telling me she will send them but doesn't seem to have time. It would be a huge help if anyone has these and is willing to send! Thank you!
  4. I am having the same problem unfortunately. My wedding is May 20 and I cannot get ahold of any of the coordinators. Supposedly I have Andrea but have not heard from her once our contract was signed. I'm trying not to worry as well but there are a lot of questions I have and things I need to take care of on my end based on the resort's answers. My travel agent has been also trying to get them to respond and no luck Did any past brides have their wedding dress steamed upon arrival? If so, did they do a good job? My contract says a "pressing of the dress" is included but you definitely cannot press my dress. I'm not sure if that is just their way of saying it or if they only have an iron available and I need to bring a handheld steamer? Also, is there a limit on how many decorations you are allowed to bring to the resort and what they will set-up for you? I don't know how much time they have to set things up or how much they are willing to do at no charge or if there is a charge, what is it based on? From past threads, it sounds like it can be tricky trying to get it all through customs. Any tips is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!