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  1. I just had my wedding June 30th and me and all my bridesmaids loved our hair and make up done at the resort salon. We all showed them pictures and they did them exactly as the picture showed. Here is a picture of all of us. I had hair and make up done. They all had their hair done.
  2. I can send you pictures if you want ***?
  3. We had 52 guests. We really liked the resort photographer. I didn't want to pay any extra on an outside vendor either. To me, the scenery is so beautiful it's hard to mess up a picture. We are in love with all of them. We had Gasper and he had ideas and told us what to do. I can you pictures if you want?
  4. Hey all! I just got married last Monday June 30. I just wrote a review. I am all over the place so please ask any questions and I can email pics. We had ceremony on pergola. Cocktail hour at mix beach bar. Reception at carnival terrace. And had the divine package.
  5. We sent out invites without even knowing what package or dinner we were going to do. When the time came to send in the wedding form 45 days in advance I just texted, emailed or fb messaged the 2 choices to everyone that's coming to our wedding. I got all responses within a day or two. So you could still give choices if you wanted to! I'm a month away today--June 30th!
  6. Would you be able to send me pics through email as well? Stace129@aol.com my wedding is next month at the same locations as you. Would love to see it!
  7. I can't believe I am reading more and more of them overbooking. I am going next month with 52 guests and am so nervous people aren't going to get what they paid for.
  8. Hey guys! I am trying to make my wedding program, but don't exactly know the order for the ceremony. We are doing a Symbolic ceremony. Do they have just a basic format for that?
  9. Oh awesome, thanks! Congratulations and I look forward to hearing how everything went.
  10. I see that some people have done welcome cocktails in the lobby and they rope off a section for your group. Is this free?
  11. I am wondering the same thing. It says that guests get the same choice, but they can make exceptions and I have seen many people saying they are offering more than one option. Also, for the ceremony do you have to pay per chair after 25 and how much per chair? I am just doing the standard chairs that come with the package (not tiffany).
  12. This is a review of:

    NOW Jade Riviera Cancun

    June 30th 2014 wedding

    Pros: Great weddings, beautiful scenery on terrace
    Cons: Busy resort
    Ceremony: pergola at 5 Cocktail hour: mix beach bar 6-7 Reception: carnival terrace 7-10 We just had our wedding last week and it was amazing. We arrived 2 days before our symbolic wedding and met with Ariadna right away. We were antsy to get to the pool so we kept it as short as possible. Ariadna went the tough our wedding form and narrowed in on all the details. I have her the few decorations I had and explained what I wanted. She wrote everything down. She also took my dress and my husban
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