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  1. Hello brides, I am new to this site and (thankfully) also new at planning a wedding. We decided to do a destination wedding after we realized that a wedding in either of our hometowns would be too big to handle. We have the date reserved at the Bahia Principe Esmeralda for June 23, 2014 at 5:00 pm. At this point ANY input would be great. Let me tell you what I've decided so far (your help could change my mind): 1) Beach wedding at 5pm 2) Extravaganza package (the less i have to decide the better) 3) Private reception (this will depend on the # of guests that confirm, but we're thinking we're expecting 40-60. 4) No DJ 5) 2 hrs open bar (included in package) 6) I am thinking about bringing my own centerpieces (candles with raffia and starfish). 7) Heading to the Disco after the reception for dancing I guess my questions are mostly with regards to: 1)What exactly do you get if you just pay what's in your package and nothing else? Package mentions decorated beach location, but does that include aile decorations on chairs or not? 2)How big are the private reception areas? 3) Did you have any other activities such as cocktail party or rehearsal dinner? Where did you do it and how accommodating was the hotel? Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!
  2. Hello, I am so happy that I found this blog because I was going crazy not finding info anywhere. I am getting married at the Esmeralda on June 23, 2014. I was wondering if any of the brides that have had their weddings there already are available to answer some questions. For example: 1) Did you bring your own centerpieces? 2) If you had a private reception, where did you do it? It looks like we'll be having between 40 and 60 people. 3) Did you use the salon and if so did you like it? 4) For beach ceremony: Did you bring your own decorations for the chairs or did the hotel do something for you as part of your package? And something I found extremely helpful in the last 30 minutes I spent in this site... pictures! Do you have pictures of the reception area, ceremony area (I chose the beach wedding)? ANY help would be greatly appreciated as I've been stressing a lot about details... Thanks!
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