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  1. @@Janjin Thank you! I got the lanterns at Luna Bazaar. They are a little pricier than other online stores, but I purchased them while on sale so I got a great deal. The quality was great and they have so many color options. @@ObeBride07 There was a lot of seaweed and I'll admit that we were somewhat disappointed with the beach. However, I expected this from reading many reviews about the resort. For me, the beach was less important than the exceptional service, great food and the beauty of the rest of the resort. The pools are also awesome!
  2. Thank you @@Janjin 36 was enough. It filled the palapa at Zavas plaza perfectly! I will post pics soon!
  3. Thank you!! @ Carrieandsam @@linaco80 I ended up going with the spa for hair and make up. The trial went well and I was very happy with the results on the day of the wedding too. However, if I could do it again, I would have gone with an updo ( not their fault of course!). I have naturally curly hair and although it wasn't that humid, the wind and heat definitely caused my hair to frizz and bit. I would request Angeles as she seemed to be most experienced. She was really sweet and was happy to make any changes I asked for.
  4. @@prater0420 you are very welcome! I also brought 6 sets of string lights for the gazebo poles (25ft each), chair sashes for the ceremony and reception ( buy double if you plan to bring these with you as they don't move the sashes to the reception after the ceremony) and 36 paper lanterns in varying sizes. This all fit in one large suitcase and was well worth the haul. Everything looked so beautiful and I saved a ton of money!
  5. @@ObeBride07 I just had my wedding last weekend and it was amazing. Everything was absolutely perfect! The sheers I brought with me were purchased from Amazon. You can buy them by the yard. I bought 2 organza sheers at 10 yards each (60 inches wide)and that was more than enough. They cost me about $35 bucks each. Good luck!
  6. @@linaco80 yea, I'm using the free private event that comes with my package on a welcome dinner instead. good idea...
  7. Thank you. That's a great idea! Is Zocalo closer than Mojito? Do you think one would be better than the other?
  8. hello brides! I didn't plan a cocktail hour after my ceremony since I didn't think it made sense to pay for another private event when guests can just walk over to any of the bars and drink for free while my Fiance and I get our photos taken. Has anyone done this or planned on doing this? Thanks! Raquel
  9. You may want to see if they will waive the vendor fee. I know a bride who had the fee waived since the hotel doesn't offer airbrush. @@linaco80
  10. @@lewhitten I've decided to go with the hotel spa for my hair and makeup only because I can't afford to pay another vendor fee. BUT I'll admit that I'm VERY nervous about this. Past brides have said they do a great job and that they use MAC products so I'm hoping I don't regret it. I really wish I could see pics of their work ahead of time as I have NO idea what their work is like.
  11. Hi @@ismyrneg,They got me a great group rate and have been so wonderful to communicate with over the last year. I email with them at least once a week and sometimes several times a day and they always respond immediately. I have no regrets and recommend them highly!
  12. Hi guys, Do you plan on tipping your photographer? If so, what's considered an appropriate amount? I read that 15% was standard, but not sure if it differs for destination weddings. I want to be sure I do the right thing, but at the same time, I am already paying that huge vendor fee and I'm not so certain I can afford to shell out much more.
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