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    Wedding welcome bags?

    This is what I added to my bags: Crossword puzzle books $1 Coloring books for the kids $1 Disney Coloring kit (Michael's) $1 Disney deck of cards. $1 Inflatable beach balls $1 Small Pringles (box of 36 at BJ's) $7 put 2 in each bag Mini chocolates (I bought a big bag from BJ's) $10 and I had enough for 15 bags Frito lay chips- (box of 50 at BJ's) $10. 2 in each bag Travel size toothpaste (pack of 4 at cvs) on sale for $2 Dr. Fresh travel kit with toothbrush, brush cover and travel bag (walmart) $1 Makeup remover wipes (walmart) $1 Baby wipes (dollar tree) $1 Hand sanitizer (pack of 2 at dollar tree) $1 Tissue paper (walmart) 3 for $1 Tylenol individual packets (pack of 2 at dollar tree) $1. Cheaper to order online, I didn't have the time. Gum ( pack of 12 at BJ's) $6 I also bought a few boxes of Smashbox lip gloss at the Estée Lauder warehouse and added one lip gloss in each bag. These came out to be $3 each. By the way, I also got my Clinique summer bags from the Estée warehouse for $5 each and they go great with my beach theme wedding. I also put some of the stuff in Ziploc bags and will be adding the water in DR.
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    Jellyfish Restaurant

    Hi, can someone please send me the outline that AR created. I requested this from her too but just in case she doesn't see it soon, maybe one of you can do me the favor. Juliettesaa@hotmail.com Thanks