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  1. You could always book your holiday then contact the resort direct, then the price will be as on the previous page. I'm not sure when they release the new prices though.
  2. Check out their Facebook page, they have videos on there or Vimeo under Tropic One Studio
  3. You can definitely book ahead of time, use the email addresses that Tiseege has provided. I believe that you have to go to the spa, they don't come to the room.
  4. Hi all, I have heard back from Antonia and they are happy to work with clip in extensions. Make sure you bring pictures of the hairstyle you want for them to work from.
  5. I emailed and asked about false lashes and Antonia replied to say that if I supplied them, they will apply them. I have emailed about clip in extensions, just waiting for an answer.
  6. Is it just shops then? In regards to the resort hairdresser, would they be happy to use clip in extensions or hairpieces if I supplied them? Also, would the makeup ladies be happy applying flash lashes? Thanks
  7. Hi, I am September 2014 at Gran Bahia Principle resort, this site has been fantastic. The forum regarding each particular resort has been a god-send. Enjoy your planning
  8. hacienda doña isabel - can we use the restaurant? Is it part of the all-inclusive? Thanks
  9. Random question! I'm from the Uk and tipping isn't very common over here. Do the staff at the resort expect tips? How much is acceptable? Thanks
  10. Congrats to the bride-to-bes. Jenniferlaura - I'm also from the UK and have been told by my travel agent that fewer and fewer hotels are taking US dollars and to use the peso only. I was told to contact my WC (Eugenia) 3 months before the wedding, which for you would be Feb. My sister got married in Barbados, and she made most of the decisions once she arrived at the resort. They sorted guests and outfits, then decoration and photos, etc was decided when she had her face-to-face meeting the day after she arrived.
  11. Trisha, Thanks so much for the photograph tours of the resort. Any chance you will be able to do one for Sian Kaan? Also, wondered if you have photographed any Mayan Ceremonies from the resort? I have found a few on youTube, but not any from the resort. Many thanks for your fountain of knowledge. We will be at the resort btw 7th Sept - 21st Sept, with our ceremony on 12th Sept. Di
  12. Hi, We are doing a vow renewal on 12th Sept 2014, we're staying at Sian Kaan and they have offered us either Tulum or Akumal beach locations for the Mayan ceremony. We're from the UK and booked our holiday with Thomson, but is arranging the ceremony directly with the resort. We initially arranged it with Linda, just by emailing the email address on the website and they put us in touch with the right people. Our WC is Eugenia, but we were told to contact her 3 months before the ceremony which is June. So far, we have a date (12/09/14) and a time (3pm), which may change. The location we've selected is Akumal Hammock location, it will just be the 2 of us as we are having the wedding we wanted but never got. Our wedding (6yrs ago) was much more of a family affair than we wanted. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary together and decided after we booked the holiday to make a bigger celebration. Di
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