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    Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe
  1. Can you send me photos/info to my email as well? Devon_mcwilliams@yahoo.com Thanks!
  2. Have you gotten to the centerpieces/bouquets/decorations step yet? That's when they will send you all the options. I believe they are somewhat customizable as well, as I have asked for different options and have been sent other ideas. Those come with a cost though. $10 a piece for different chairs, orchids are $25 a stem, etc.
  3. Hey everyone, Just a quick question- Tania, my WC told me that normal Tiffany Chairs will be 10$/chair... Does this seem high to anyone else? I could understand 5$ or even 8$ but 10$?! I have 50 people coming and I feel like it seems a little ridiculous to spend 500$ on chairs.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm brand new here, but have kept an eye on this thread for quite some time. Now I figure its time for me to join in on the fun I am getting married at Barcelo Maya palace on August 1st this year and we are so excited. Out ceremony is at 6pm on Palmeras Beach, cocktail hour at 7pm same place, and then the reception is at Palmeras Grill at 8pm. I have a couple of questions for you experts! I keep seeing that there is a cut off deadline for guests to book by?? My WC has said nothing about this, but it seems as though it would be VERY important for me to know... Can you ladies tell me if you have been given a deadline for guests to book their stays? That seems odd to me... I would be willing to pay for extra for anyone who decides to come last minute and I don't want to have to tell me guests that they must book by a certain date!! Thanks everyone!