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    Hello All, I am Natasha born and raised up in the south of England, close to the sea. My job as junior-pharma translater gets me around the globe, and brought me already a while ago to my favourite holiday destination in the Indian Ocean "the Seychelles". Aside from that I like my morning gym and a hot coffee to get kick-started for the day. Thanks for reading.

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    December 31, 1969
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  1. Seychelles is an island country full of natural blissful aura, Part of the islands of western Indian Ocean. Seychelles is the best location for memorable events like weddings and anniversaries. Whenever you want that touch of tropical nature as the theme for your special occasion, think of Seychelles island event destinations. The Seychelles infrastructure is able to host any kind and size of wedding. You will find cute locations for classy low key weddings (little or no crowd) and a blend of decorated halls, outdoor arena plus powder sandy beach side sites for a tropical marriage. The frangipani (perfumed flowered tree) trees around Seychelles fills the air with natural fragrance that will definitely keep the day a memorable one for couples and wedding guests. One good thing about closing the Seychelles as a wedding/honeymoon destination is its capacity to provide unique event arena satisfaction to all class of guests. Guests who love beautified gardens and those with deep love for nature all go home fulfilled by attending your wedding. Seychelles wedding destination is better described as a wedding in paradise! About Seychelles Here is a quick info about the-special-event-treasured location close to Africa mainland called Seychelles. It is an island of the western Indian Ocean, close to the islands of Madagascar on the northeast region, they speak 3 major Languages: Creole, English, French. Currency is Seychelles Rupee and its Capital is Victoria City located on the main island Mahe. It is an international standard treasured destination for special events, especially weddings and honeymoons. Weather temperature range is 28oC to 33oC.
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