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  1. Ok cool, also wondering if you have ever seen someone sing on the beach instead of having just a CD playing? Thats kind of what we wanted but my WC is not answering my question on the topic.
  2. Hi there, So I was quoted flower prices from my resort and I almost passed out. The flowers were expensive and nothing special. I am looking to get wholesale or bulk flowers from a vendor anywhere between Tulum and Playa del Carmen. I want to make my own arrangement and bouquets. Any recommendations? Wedding in 10 days, gotta get on it. Thanks a million
  3. We totally didn't plan it that way. It's kinda funny. Thanks for the wishes!
  4. I'm getting married Tuesday April 1st,2014. Got Engaged on Friday the 13th and getting hitched on April Fool's...I think you'll be just fine!
  5. Awesome, thanks. How long were your songs for the bridesmaids and the father/bride walk?
  6. Hey there, This thread has been so helpful. So, I am getting married on the Akumal beach on April 1st, 2014... 2 weeks ahhhhh! I am pretty set but I am wondering about a few details 1. How to bring my music down for my ceremony. CD,iPod, mp3 player. Advise? 2. How long is it to walk down that beach? It looks like it's 20 miles long. 3. Having Dinner at the Porto Fino and I know my parents are gonna wanna do a speech during dinner. Anybody else had speeches during dinner? Thanks a million
  7. April 1st, 2014 Grand Bahia Principe Akumal, Mexico
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