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  1. Thank you so much for the information!!!! It really helps me out. We booked the ocean view swim up room. They actually allowed you to pay one week prior?!! That would be great! I am definitely waiting on the open bar once I get there now! Laura made it seem like I had no choice. @@KaDeidra262
  2. That's so awesome!!!! Sounds exactly how I'm planning my wedding there. . I'm actually from DR so I know how hot it is. Hopefully I can manage to be in my gown for the day lol. What location did you have your ceremony? @@KaDeidra262 Yea I get there 3 days before. I hope I can get all the small stuff sorted out once I get there.
  3. Awww that's perfect!!!! That's the restaurant we picked also!! We're you able to have it semi private? @@KaDeidra262
  4. If you don't mind me asking, how much did everything come out to be? We are doing the semi private dinner and having a reception party by one of the pools. @@KaDeidra262
  5. We are paying for an open bar as well. We are having about 65 guest with us. I just found a photographer from Caribbean emotions. Their packages are awesome. Did it change the price of anything since you made changes once you got to the resort @@KaDeidra262?? We are doing the legal ceremony in the states prior to going to dr
  6. Has anyone used the on site photographers? I'm trying to find a reasonable photographer for my wedding at the Royalton! Did anyone have the ceremony at the lobby gazeebo? I can't find decent pictures. I have everything booked. I'm so nervous. Lol
  7. @@KaDeidra262 I'm having a reception party after the semi private dinner on the resort! It's not included. You have to pay extra for that. You have the option of choosing the convention hall, the beach, or the pool area for a reception party. Also you could just pay for a private dinner and include your reception party there. All in one.
  8. @@Potter8 thank you so much for the review on trip advisor! That does make me more comfortable with everything. Does anyone know if there's a way to work directly with the wedding coordinator at the resort? Laura has been my only frustration really with everything. Even my wedding coordinator from destinationweddings.com asked if I'd consider switching resorts bc of the way she has come off to us. She isn't accommodating at all. She said I have to pay $450 just to bring my own flowers! My family lives there so they were going to provide my flowers due to the over charge of the resort. Laura sa
  9. Is there anyone getting married dierectly at the Royalton? I've been talking to Laura about prices for things, and they are so over priced for everything. The are double and trip the cost for flower arrangements. I got a quote from a nearby florist and it's a fraction of the cost but I have to pay almost $500 fee just to bring the flowers into the resort. It's ridiculous. I'm so discouraged. Smh
  10. Hey ladies!!!! I found an outside florist in punta cana. They are full service and from what I've read, waaaaaay more reasonable in prices. I sent them an email. I will keep you all posted!!! http://www.weddingsandeventsinpuntacana.com
  11. Do you mind emailing me that outline? I have yet to receive that too. Janina27@live.com
  12. Any luck on getting my prices from Laura? She hasn't responded to my emails yet. :-/
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