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  1. Loving all the reviews, it sure does reassure me that it does all work out ok. I just have a quick question what did you put the music on for walking down the aisle and first dance, as they specific they cant download them over there. I asked WC and she said send it as a link not sure what this means. Can anyone help? we were going to put it on usb, ipod and cd's is this ok? thanking you in advance jo x
  2. Hiya, I'm just wondering if anyone has email address for the photographers that the hotel use I have tried with email address the Wedding Coordinator gave me and have tried via there web page and no luck, getting concerned as the big day is just over 4months away. Thank you in advance x
  3. Thank you so much, that really helps im not gonna have so much of a shock when i arrive there. all the best for your wedding not long now. jo x
  4. Hi ladies, Thank u for all your useful information. I just need to ask two questions, what is the salon like out there? how much for my bride hair? mother of the bride and bridesmaid? individually rough idea as seen that it can be pricey! (i have 5) did have 6 she just let me down and she was the hairdresser as well double whammy! never mind! just another quick question with the resort photographer how much roughly are the latest packages? Thanking you in advance jo x
  5. Congratulations! Thank u so much for all your information it has really put my mind at rest. Your pictures are beautiful! Do you have an idea of the price packages for the photos? Where did you buy the feet bracelets? Bride cup? The star fish for top table? I was hoping there would be some shops near the hotel so I can buy things for wedding (favours etc) as we flying from UK and don't really want to be bringing everything over. We have around 50 guests and have booked presidential package and noticed that there is only 7 per golf cart, do you think it be worth paying for 2 cart
  6. Hi, I booked originally gold package via Thomson and was going to upgrade to presidential with hotel once I started liasing with wedding coordinator. This is not an option and you can only upgrade via your travel agents once you have booked original package. Sorry i can't comment on Thomas Cook as not sure what rules they have. To be honest if your thinking of saving a few quid I would just book your wedding via the hotel as once you pay deposit with travel agents your in hotels hands! The wedding coordinator is fab and she has really put my mind at ease! I have presidential package and cost i
  7. Hiya heather23faye, Thank you for the information, sorry ain't been on here for a while. Yeah we have managed to upgrade via Thomson, so happy that it's finally sorted! Wedding coordinator has been brill! My only concern is the photography as I don't want to pay more money out on bringing outsider in! So hopefully we get info bout photography x
  8. Hello brides to be, I have booked our wedding for may 2015 via Thomson UK. I have booked the gold package as I have been reading on here, that you can upgrade via the wedding co-ordinator out there. I have asked to upgrade to presidential package as I believe the palapa is included in this. I have had a reply and been told I can only upgrade via my travel agents and the highest package I can go to is platinum which I don't think the palapa is included in this? I am concerned as I have a party of over 40 people and it would be great to have a private reception. Anyone can give me any info if it
  9. Hi everyone, just would like to say I am so grateful for all your comments/pictures. It has certainly made my mind up for this resort and be looking to book in April ready for next may2015. I was originally going to book the platinum package with Thomson as states private dinner on beach! But after seeing some comments I was thinking to book gold package with Thomson and upgrade via the hotel! Can this upgarde be done via the wedding coordinator? When liasing back and fore regarding what extras/flowers etc u want for your wedding? Does anyone know wedding package prices as would lik
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