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  1. @@MBK I am also a Moon Palace bride and was wondering when the Moon Palace webinar is taking place? Do you have any details on this? Thanks!
  2. @@Carlicardenas @@girlinthecity97 - my TA has the 2015 rates through August 2015 from Moon. I am in May 2015 Moon Palace bride.
  3. TMedeiros07

    Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort May 30th Bride

    @@Ems85 I noticed you mentioned you received some complimentary dinners since you had over 75 room nights booked. Did you and your guests book this through the group benefits at Moon or was this booked externally and you were still allotted the benefits you received?
  4. Hello! I am also looking into a wedding in Spring 2015 at either the Grand Sunset Princess or Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe. I like the rooms better at the Grand Sunset, but like that the Barcelo has an on-site Catholic chapel since that is what my fiance and I are hoping to have. If we do the Grand Sunset, we are looking into a chapel off-site with the reception on-site at Grand Sunset. Has anyone gotten married at a Catholic chapel off-site? If so, any helpful tips you could provide? I see the price for the chill out is $100/person, anyone know the pricing for Barcelo Maya? I am yet to hear back from either resort! Also, pictures are always helpful Thanks!