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  1. @jenna32schap Hello~ they're pending sale but i'll keep you posted if the sale falls through. Thank you!
  2. @AmorDeMiVida sending it now~~ Are you in the US? I just found it it's too expensive to ship to Canada. Thank you~
  3. 80 lime green chair sash for sale for $25 or best offer. Used once for my wedding as shown in picture. Shipping from Itasca, IL I also have the green paper (100+sheets) used to make the rose petal cone which I can thrown in with the sash if interested. Buyer pays shipping paypal accepted =) Thank you~
  4. @tygrrlily I agree. It'll be tight with just a week left. I'm going to the post office today and see what are the options. What is your zip code? Will keep you posted~
  5. the second one is a comb on the back and yes it'd work for half down hairstyles if you put it right above the split or on the side of head. The original one that I wore for the wedding had small shark hair clips.
  6. I also have this hairpiece for $40 if anyone is interested... This one is brand new (a gift I did not use). Thank you.
  7. @beckys98 Thank you and it's awesome you're local. Feel free if you want to stop by and try on first before you decide~ My stylist first had it towards the middle of the back of my head but I wanted it off to the side. It's L shaped and I wanted the angled part to kind of curve around the bottom of my hair behind my ear. My stylist added some hair pins to keep it locked in my hair. Here are some additional pictures for your reference.
  8. @acw271011 Can you see the pictures I posted? If not, I'll send them to you by email. I'm asking $70 for the hair piece. It's gorgeous, sparkly, and one of the things I splurged on. I wasn't going to sell the veil (so I stuffed it in my closet and it's probably wrinkly...) but if you're interested, it's round and goes to my lower back as in the 2nd picture of the back of my dress. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you~
  9. @calgarybride2015 Thank you. I hope someone can buy it and enjoy it soon...
  10. Thanks Calgarybride! The dress is US size 4, UK size 6. I wear size 6 normally, or S/M. I'm about 5'5". @jenna32schap The large starfish is quite big, they're bitter than my hand a piece so i think I will need a big box to ship them. I'm guessing about $10-$15 for USPS shipping.
  11. Hello Jenna, I prefer to sell the entire lot for $60 if possible. Are you only willing to consider half? The lot includes: 26 Knobby Starfish Large, 5-6" each 36 Knobby Starfish small, 2" each 15 Pencil Starfish Large, 7.5" each 39Pencil Starfish small, 2.5" each 14Sand Dollars Medium, 2.5" each 19Sand Dollars Small, 2" each Sorry the formatting is off... here is the lot again: 26 Knobby Starfish Large, 5-6" each 36 Knobby Starfish small, 2" each 15 Pencil Starfish Large, 7.5" each 39Pencil Starfish small, 2.5" each 14 Sand Dollars Medium, 2.5" each 19 Sand Dollars Small, 2" each
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