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  1. Hello to all the lovely brides and brides-to-be (like me)! I just got engaged a couple months ago, and we've just decided to venture off to Mexico for our wedding! I couldn't be happier, yet so confused and overwhelmed at the same time! We have probably around 30 people attending (and some little ones), so we are looking for a family-oriented, all-inclusive, that is also fun and exciting for the younger guests. I am torn between Playa Del Carmen (The Iberostar Grand is a contender, but not the one I don't think) and Cancun (specifically Moon Palace and Now Sapphire are contenders, but I think there might be better??). My biggest worry is having random people hanging around the ceremony and in the background of my pictures. I want the event to be somewhat private, yet outside in nature. I am looking for a resort with a separate area for weddings. I would love a dance floor on the beach, and perhaps a beach bonfire? ;-) How amazing? If anyone has been researching, and has come across any all-inclusive resorts that offer such, can you please share? :-D Also, if you have any experiences at the resorts mentioned above, I'd love to hear! Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance and happy Weddings!!! :-)