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  1. The sapphire is beautiful. You're going to love it (:When are you getting married?
  2. Hey ladies! I just spoke to my photographer, he's sending out my photos! Wooo ! I plan on writing a thorough review tomorrow about our wedding at the Jade! It's been a while, but I haven't forgotten about any of you guys! As far as makeup goes, Erika did mine. It came out great! I was too worried about the cakieness but she did a great job! (: The bamboo room has a tile floor, so a rental is NOT needed. Only for castaways, the poolside and beach I believe. I recommend the saxophonist. He was fabulous. We used him during our cocktail hour and he did a great job. Also noticed t
  3. They didn't start it until I got to the front of the aisle. I wouldn't worry too much about the time.
  4. I had 5 songs total. Three Little Birds- Bob Marley I'm Yours- Jason MRAZ Somewhere Over the Rainbow [bridesmaids] Here Comes The Sun instrumental [bridal entrance] Better Together- Jack Johnson [walk as husband/wife] My husband said that they used their own music before everyone sat, then put on our playlist. They changed the songs as everyone walked down. Was perfect. Not sure if it's always like that because we had a small group and it was just easy, but that's how ours was!
  5. Yes! ! $69 per person. Parasailing is $69. Also, in Building 4 (where the wedding dept/ spa is) there's a company called Olympus Tours. All the excursions in Mexico are there! They have everything from catamarans, ziplining, ruin tours, etc. Good luck!
  6. It's a Speaker made by Bose! It's very small and great for traveling. We put ours in our carryon for the plane ride (: it's tiny but LOUD
  7. My wedding was a week and a half ago, Carmen was my coordinator! I was originally working with Pilar and Isela, but when we got there we found out that Isela has been sick and Carmen is her replacement. She is absolutely phenomenal! SO sweet and on top of everything! no worries!! Xo
  8. They provide the sound system for the ceremony, no charge, I used the saxophonist for the cocktail hour (he was phenomenal!) And the sound link for our reception. We had 13 people total, so it was perfect. Sound wasn't all the way up, so for bigger weddings it would still be fine. (:
  9. It was excellent! So glad we purchased it rather than $650 for a sound system! ! Highly recommend it. [emoji3]
  10. I'm back! Our wedding was PERFECT. Everything was beautiful! I'm going to leave a full detailed review within a few days. Don't stress ladies!! Xox
  11. Ladies, I will be at the Jade in 13 hours!! The wedding is Tuesday! I will be sure to check in with everyone asap. Let me know if you have any questions! I'll do my best!! Xoxo
  12. 1 week out! Isela is my WC. She's great.! She responds within the hour or so. I think she may also work from home bc I sent an email around mid night a few days ago and I had a response within minutes..
  13. Will share this info with my friends who are undecided on resorts! I started a Destination Wedding Trend at home (:
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