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  1. Jeremy and Amanda from the Now Jade.. Are you on here? We had your beautiful wedding book from the resort mailed to us by accident ( my hubby's name is Jeremy) . Please let me know if you are on here so we can get your wedding book mailed to you! Thank you Here is a picture of our wedding cake. I'm so sorry I forgot who was asking for it , and it's been a while since I've been on here. Hopefully this helps
  2. No worries at all !! Her video is great! We had our video mailed to us on a DVD . We choose to have the video for the ceremony only, but regretting not doing the full day after watching her video. From what I've seen, it looks like they only post the full day videos. But we love our video anyways it's great to watch and remember the day!
  3. Oh this is another bride Natasha and yes she was stunning. I quoted it saying I wish we had done the whole day instead of just the ceremony .
  4. Thank you so much ! We had such an amazing time May I ask where you saw the video? I've been trying to find it online with no luck . Also, I haven't forgotten about posting some pics to help with some other questions .. I just have to upload them to my laptop
  5. Brides!! We just had our wedding at this resort on Feb 23rd, and I'm sorry to say but this statement shocks me!! The resort is absolutely beautiful and everybody was impressed with the food and hotel. Our photographer whom we brought with us said it was one of the nicer resorts he's been to ( and he does destinaion weddings often). Our guests raved about the food/ buffet, even going to say it was the best they have had. And our guests travel extensively for personal and business. The one statement I did agree with was the ocean. Yes there is seaweed and it's a rocky beach ( in the water) . B
  6. That's one picture I haven't been able to find yet lol. We didn't do a cake topper, instead had the square cake with the flowers up the side to the top (from Divine package) . It was beautiful with that. We did choose the lemon and raspberry filling which was absolutely amazing!! Our guests still talk about how yummy the cake was. Also, there was enough for all our guests ( 38) and we didn't order more. It was a two or three tier cake.
  7. We had 38 people in the bamboo room, and still plenty of room. We had 2 long tables at the front ( sat 10 of us including the wedding party), and 4 round tables with the rest of the guests . The tables sat from 6-10 people per table. We had 2 round tables on each side of room, and plenty of room to dance in the middle !! The rooms are much bigger than what the pics show.
  8. Hi ladies , we are here now for our wedding, and the resort is beautiful !! I can also say, try not to worry too much ! The wedding co-ordinators work very hard here to make sure we have the wedding we all envision . We had the privilege of catching a sneak peak at Natasha's beach wedding yesterday and it was absolutely beatiful !! Our wedding is tomorrow and I am sooo excited ! Enjoy this journey ladies and try to relax
  9. Wishing you all the best and look forward to running into you down there !!! We leave in 8 days and I'm having "wedding panic" dreams lol.
  10. I ordered bug "wipes" from Leisure Pro website . There are 12 pc per box for 4.99 ( US). Ordered enough for each guest to have 2 in the bags.
  11. Lol I had to submit them for my own sanity. One night we just sat down and made decisions, and done. One more thing off the list. We also hired the Dj Movil and I'm excited to read all the positive feedback!
  12. We choose beef brochettes, spinach quiche, sliced tomato and mozzarella al pesto, crisini with prosciutto ham. No seafood as some of our gusts don't like it ( although I would have choosen some ) We sent in our forms last week!! Had a phone convo with Pilar yesterday. Once you make the decisions, it seems to be a sense of relief. Now I just hope I don't change my mind before then Starting to feel real!!
  13. I am bringing table runners that my Aunt made for me ( I lucked out) . For the bamboo room, I'm having the wedding party (10 including us) sit at 2 rectangle tables to make one long one. We have 38 guests in total so the rest will sit at 4 round tables around dance floor ( range from 7-10 per table ) . Will have an additional table for cake / guest book ( picture if us in frame ) to sign. I must say this site has helped me greatly with all the planning! I would have been lost without out!! Love seeing the pics ( congrats brides, from what I've seen so far they are absolutely stunning!! )
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