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    The Jewel Dunn's River Resort

    Quote: Originally Posted by ReneeG Hi bride79, The price would depend on which package you get. We had a small party of only 6,and chose the free package. We did our own decor and I made the flowers. If we were to have more than 6,then yes we would of had to pay extra,or upgrade to another package. The staff there is top notch. They go above and beyond to please. The preacher was great,we kept the vows they wrote because they were even more beautiful than we could write. Hairstylist did a great job. I was at total ease. The cake was really good. The presentation of food is top notch,however I was not a fan of any of the foods taste,except the pizza place and drinks. We left and went to take our bridal party to Evita's restaurant.They have a driver that comes and picks you up. It's a great Italian place overlooking Ochos Rio. Pricey but amazing food and service,and a great view. The owner even popped in just to greet us(we emailed reservations in advanced). So yes to having the wedding,but if you stay for your honeymoon you may want to explore outside the resort. See Rusty for outside tours. He gives better prices than the resort and takes you to the most gorgeous falls at the blue hole in a nice bus. Also he took us to have fresh caught lobster in a little shack. Best lobster ever! At the resort Ask for Steven if you want to go on a private sailing trip to James Bond beach. Treat him well and he will take you to some great beaches past the resort. Just don't mention it to his boss;) Hope this helps and congrats! Thank you SO much for all that helpful information! I ask about the $20 per person because we may have 30 or so people, having said that it would still be more cost efficient to pay the $20 per person rather than upgrade to the "Crown Jewel" Package for $3,800 and still pay for an additional 10 or so people. I am hoping to take the entire group to Ochos Rios for a day and do some shopping and go to Margaritaville. Do you have contact information for Rusty or any idea of how many people his bus would accommodate? Thanks for your input!!!!
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    The Jewel Dunn's River Resort

    Great photo! I am potentially looking at getting married at The Jewel Dunns River next winter. Would you recommend it? If you had more than a just a few guests did you have to pay the $20 per person for additional appetizers and seating? Thanks!
  3. bride79

    The Jewel Dunn's River Resort

    Do you have to pay an extra $20 per person even if you don't want any extras?
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    The Jewel Dunn's River Resort

    Hi Ladies, I am planning the included Precious Gem wedding package and was just wondering the following... If you have a somewhat larger group like 20-40 do you need to do any reception upgrades? We were just thinking we would go to one of the bars and have some cocktails and have one of the restaurants booked (since food is included in the vacation stay) for that evening. Any idea if this is possible? I would think so but who knows.... Thanks!