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  1. Do you guys know which is the better beach area to have the ceremony? The trade winds beach or the beach by the gazebo? I'm stressed out actually putting the down payment when I haven't even been there to look at the place!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by JessSchollSmith The ocean front gazebo gets two thumbs up from me. Thank you!! I was putting off booking cause I couldn't get an answer about which one was better! Thank you so much!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by JessSchollSmith @katiehenderson there's a beautiful terrace to the left of the Villas terrace (it's technically on the Royal's property) is by far the prettiest and more private gazebo option. The other "terrace" is brand new and is in the very busy pool area... Are you talking about Gazebo Caribe or Oceanfront Gazebo?
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by JessSchollSmith @katiehenderson I did not go through a TA. I found that booking through expertise would help my guests save about 800 dollars a couple compared to the prices I was given by agents. Having a TA is great if you think that you can get a whole bunch of guests to stay for a predetermined amount of time, and can pay a deposit in advance. I just find it so much easier to let your guests book their own trip... and they really won't mind So you booked your hotel stay through expedia and not the hotel and saved that much money?!
  5. I saw on the website there are 2 places on the beach to get married, can anyone tell me which spot was better?
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by meowybells Hi! I used a TA, but didn't get a group rate. To avail of the group rate, a number of your guests have to make a deposit ahead of time (you have to book 10 rooms on average). It was a headache to get all my guests to commit to certain dates, so I opted out. I just went ahead and found a TA who gave me better rates than Expedia. This way my guests can customize their own trip, and I don't have to bug people about booking certain dates. The only advantages I saw was having the TA "block rooms" for your guests so you are together in a certain area of the hotel, and savings you get from the group rate. Yes I am in the same boat I feel like it would be a headache to get everyone to commit to days so far ahead and I'm honestly just not sure that it is worth the extra money.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by MOrdonez We only have 26 people coming to ours and we didn't bother with a travel agent. We looked into a couple but were not too impressed by the prices they offered. But some have used them and love'm. Thank you for your input! I have a lot of decisions and it is so overwhelming!
  8. I have obsessively stalked this forum for about 3 days and you guys have been so much help. I do have one question that I didn't see much info on...how many of you used a travel agent? What was the advantage? I only have about 20 people attending my wedding.
  9. Well I have been stalking the 2013 thread for a solids 3 days and I have learned a lot on out the resort. I am planning to book there October 21, 2014. Did any or all of you decide to use a travel agent for you and your guests?
  10. Well I have been stalking the 2013 thread pretty hard over the last 3 days and I feel like I have a learned a lot! I plan to book for October 21,2014 but have no booked quite yet. Did many of you choose to have a travel agent?
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